Things to Consider When Improving  Your Aging Parents’ Home


Renovating a house isn’t that challenging if you know what you want. But what if you’re going to do it for your old parents? Older adults tend to have more needs and demands that should be met. Doing improvements in the house they’re staying in for the rest of their lives is slightly different.

Indeed, some older adults would prefer to stay in nursing homes. However, it looks like many older adults like to age in place instead. According to a recent survey conducted by the American Association of Retired Persons, 77% of adults who are 50 and older want to remain in their homes. Staying in their community for the long term among older adults is very common.

If you happen to have an elderly who wants to age in place, you may want to prepare their living space. They may want to make some improvements in their house and would need your help. If that’s the case, here are some things you have to consider so you can make their living space suitable for them.

Ask them for their preferences 

You’d surely want the best living space for your old parents. But here is the truth; the best for them is whatever they want. You must consider the tweaks your elderly would want to be executed for the house. They may want to add something like a playhouse for their pets. Or maybe get rid of all the clutters they couldn’t move to the storage room.

Ask them what they want cause they may request big changes. They may want to remove the wall between the kitchen and the dining area or change the color of the wall paint. There are many things they may consider when remodeling the house they’re going to spend the rest of their lives in. You need to acknowledge these requests so the elderly can live in the house just like they want.

Injury-free living 

One of the things older adults get prone to as they grow older is injury. That’s why whatever remodeling and home improvements you’re going to make, always keep safety in consideration. It would only be suitable for older adults to always stay safe. What you want to avoid are instances that can cause unintentional harm to your aging parents.

They may want a custom-built hot tub in the house for relaxation. Your job is to ensure safety, like asking the contractor about a non-slip deck option for the elders. Or maybe the place is significantly elevated, making the staircase high. You may want to ensure that the staircase railings are safe and sturdy. These little things would help a lot in ensuring the safety of your parents who are going to live in the house. Make their living safe and injury-free.

Aesthetics matter

Living in a property that exudes beauty can make you live in peace. If this makes you feel good, what more for your old parents. The elderly people would be staying at home a lot. This gives them more time to appreciate the house’s interiors and exteriors.

If you’re renovating the house for the elderly, you may want to consider their preferences in aesthetics. They may want to add a landscape full of flowers or a hardscaped pathway leading to the house’s main entrance. Maybe they’re into kitchen designs where style meets convenience for their age. Remodeling a home to suit their abilities while considering their taste should be your goal.

Spaces that promote hobbies and past times

Since the older folks would be staying a lot in the house, they’d find themselves getting bored easily. This is why they resort to a lot of hobbies and past-times. Cater to their needs by creating spaces for the elderly’s hobbies. Set up an indoor patio where your parents can relax, make some tea, or do their jigsaw puzzles. Reserve an area in the backyard for gardening or building playpens for their pets.

You’re not just helping them to enjoy their stay in the house. You’re also aiding in sharpening their memory by creating spaces for their hobbies. That’s what they need to keep them occupied and mentally healthy.

Consider safety

Aside from injuries, elderly people are also prone to criminal attacks. Older adults are very susceptible to being victimized by burglars or house thieves. If you’re going to make improvements in your aging parents’ living space, you may want to look into its security.

Add security surveillance devices such as doorbell cameras and motion or sound sensors. Install night lamps outside the house so cameras facing the lawn would produce a clearer picture. On the other hand, remember that you’re going to have these devices be used by older adults. You need to make sure they understand how these things work and how to use them.

These house improvements can make the lives of your old parents more fun. Given that they’re likely to spend most of their time in their living space, they should have the best time doing it. Making their house suitable for their lifestyle is just one way to make your old parents live a quality life.

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