Better Sleep at Night: What Can You Do?


Many people worry that they are not getting enough good sleep at night. Studies show that most adults generally need seven to eight hours of sleep to function correctly throughout the day and go on doing their regular activities. Different factors can go into having a good sleep, like age and medical conditions but what contributes the most is how you live your life.

Your lifestyle should be good for your overall health to make a positive impact on your sleep. If you are having difficulties sleeping in your bed at night, you can blame some choices you make that are bad for your health. Fortunately, simple adjustments can be done to improve your rest at night. Here are some of the suggestions of sleep experts to help you in this task.

Clean your home

A clean home is an excellent place to sleep in. Dust and dirt can cause irritate the nose, eyes, throat, and lungs, increasing the risk of developing serious diseases. They also invite pests that may transfer diseases to humans. Cleaning your home should be done regularly. Sweep the floors, wipe exposed surfaces, and vacuum a few times a week. But for good measures, do some deep cleaning from time to time by changing the curtains, washing the bedding and mattress, and having your air ducts cleaned.  

Make the bedroom comfortable for sleeping

The bedroom is another factor that plays into your sleep. You have to try and make the room conducive to good sleep by restricting the space only for sleeping and sex, not for doing other tasks like working or eating. This should condition your mind to want to sleep when you enter the bedroom. The condition of the room itself should also be managed. Your bed should be clean and comfortable with a good pillow for your head.

The room temperature should be comfortable for you, while the lighting should be dim enough not to keep you awake. Certain sounds can also be distracting, like ticking of clocks or buzzing of electronics. You may remove these items to get rid of the sounds or look into sound therapy with relaxing rain or ocean wave sounds to lull you to sleep while covering the distracting noises.

Eat balanced meals

What goes into your body will affect your sleep, so you must eat a balanced diet to ensure the best sleep possible. For one, diet-related issues like obesity can cause sleep problems. Certain food and drinks may contain substances like caffeine that work to keep you awake. Not drinking enough water can deprive you of sleep, while drinking too much water can force you to wake up and urinate in the middle of the night. You have to manage these things not only for your sleep but for your health as a whole.

Exercise regularly

Exercise also contributes to your sleep concerns. Regular exercise should help keep your body working efficiently as it will regulate the energy you receive from the food you eat. Too little or a complete lack of physical activity can bring serious diseases that impede your sleep. Too much strenuous exercise, on the other hand, can damage your body and bring your pains and diseases that will keep you up at night. So try to find the appropriate kind and amount of exercise for your body to sleep better.

Have a consistent sleeping routine

Your routine before bedtime may also be keeping you from sleeping. Generally, you should sleep when you feel sleepy or tired, but an irregular sleep schedule throughout the day can ruin your sleep for the night. Try to schedule your sleep to optimize your time for other activities. A bedtime ritual may also be beneficial for you to prepare the body and mind for sleep.

Consult a doctor

As mentioned, getting good rest at night relies mainly on your lifestyle choices. But sometimes, other factors that are difficult to control, like our mental well-being and other bodily ailments, can impede our sleep. So it is important to consult a professional about these ailments to better address the problem. They may be able to help provide solutions, cures, or therapy sessions to solve the root cause of your sleeping troubles.

Making better choices should give you better rest at night. Your attitude towards sleep should also be regulated as you may be thinking that sleeping is not essential and is less important than working through the night. After all, sleep is the best way to temporarily escape the world and our worries so that we have to make it count. So try to rest well to face the world once again for tomorrow.

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