To People Who’ve Never Done Laundry in Their Life: Here’s What You Need to Do


Doing laundry is a valuable life skill that everyone should know how to do, but some manage to scrape by without knowing ever doing it on their own. Or at least, until they have no other choice left. If you find yourself in a similar situation with other laundry virgins, here’s what you need to do:

Hack #1 Separate Colors from Whites

This hack is easily a tale as old as time. If you don’t all your whites to turn into pink, make sure to separate your colored clothes from your whites. And while you’re at it, separate the blacks or denim for good measure. This will make it easier for you to keep your clothes in perfect condition while you’re washing the dirt away.

Hack #2 Use the Labels on Your Clothes

The itchy thing on the back of your clothes serves a purpose — to let you know how the piece of clothing should be washed. So, don’t make the mistake of cutting it off unless you know for sure that it doesn’t require special attention. The labels on your clothes can inform you whether they can be washed in hot water, tumble-dried, hand-washed, or dry-cleaned, so always read it.

Hack #3 Know Your Detergents

There are many types of detergent available in the market today. There’s the powder detergent, which is the most popular option for launderers, liquid detergents, and laundry pods. The pods are pre-measured detergents that you can just throw into the empty washer before running the load, which is why it’s more convenient to use. Knowing the right detergent for your washer is key to getting clean laundry.

Hack #4 Watch Out for Signs of Machine Damage

If you notice anything out of the ordinary with your machines, you should have your dryer or washer serviced immediately. This is because using a broken machine will not only be a safety hazard that can cause flooding or fire, but it can also damage your clothes in the process. So, choose to have it fixed the moment you realize that there’s damage.

Hack #5 Wash Soiled Socks in a Mesh Bag

Finding the other pair of your sock once you’ve finished doing the laundry can be a pain. That’s why you should start washing it inside a laundry mesh bag. Since there are plenty of holes in the bag, the water can still clean your dirty socks while keeping all the pairs in one place. This will make folding laundry so much easier.

Hack #6 Use Vinegar to Get Rid of Foul Smells

It’s normal for clothes to smell foul after use, especially if it absorbs your sweat, such as gym clothes. If you have soiled clothes that don’t smell better even after a wash, try soaking them in a vinegar-cold water solution for at least an hour before running through the washer. Doing so can help remove the foul smells and sweat stains. You’ll be surprised at the cleaning powers of vinegar in doing the laundry.

Hack #7 Put Ice Cubes in the Dryer

If you don’t have the time to iron your clothes, you can simply throw in a few ice cubes into your dryer along with your wrinkled clothes in the warmest setting available on your dryer. The ice cubes will then melt and create steam that can get rid of the creases or folds on your clothes.

Hack #8 Transfer Liquids to Dispensers

Having a nice laundry area can motivate you to do laundry, so consider transferring all your liquid detergents and fabric softeners into clear dispensers. This way, you can simply put a cup under the nozzle and fill it every time you need to run the washer. But make sure to label the dispensers so you won’t get confused.

Hack #9 Make Improvised Dryer Sheets Using Foil

If you’ve run out of dryer sheets, you can use an improvised one by using aluminum foil. This bundled-up foil reserve can be used as a dryer sheet for up to six months, which is probably enough time for you to buy actual dryer sheets if you want to.

Hack #10 Use a Citrus Fruit to Get Rid of Stains on Whites

Spilling lemon or lime juice on colored clothes can permanently damage the fabric because these fruits have natural bleaching abilities. However, on white clothes, the same citrus juices can be live-savers because they can remove rust and yellow underarm stains.

Doing laundry may be confusing during the first few times, but eventually, you’ll get the hang of all the tips and tricks that can help you do it. Of course, this would mean that you’ll have to do it more than once to get over the learning curve. Welcome to the world of clean laundry and free therapy!

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