Revamping Your Living Room in 12 Simple Ways


Your living room is the centerpiece of your home and, as such, it needs to be well decorated and inviting. Luckily, making a few simple changes to accessories and furniture will not only give your space a refreshing look but also keep it looking great year after year. Read on to learn seven easy ways to spruce up your living room.

1. Try Different Angles

Remove your couch and place it at a different angle in the room. This gives the space a new look and creates an inviting, airy atmosphere. You can also try placing your couch in a different part of the room to add variety.

2. Add New Curtains

If you’re tired of looking at the same old window treatments, consider giving them a fresh look with new curtains. You can liven up any living room by adding brighter or more muted colors to enhance the decor and add to the atmosphere.

3. Try a New Shade

Paint is an inexpensive and easy way to add life to your living room. You can even paint just one accent wall or part of a wall to give the space a new look without remodeling anything at all. If you’re feeling really adventurous, consider adding an accent color in the form of wallpaper or paneling.

4. Change the Rug

Whether you want something bold and fun or simple and calming, a new rug is an inexpensive way to update your living room decor. Consider replacing old rugs with something that will really wow guests to create a space that’s truly unique.

A new rug can completely change the look and decor your living room for very little money. It adds texture to the floor, which helps bring together other elements in the space like furniture and decor items. Plus, different types of rugs, such as wool rugs to shaggy area rugs, allow you to experiment with different looks until you find the perfect one.

5. Add New Furniture

By changing up your furniture you can create a whole new look for your living room. New end tables, sectional seats, coffee tables, and chairs do wonders for a space. If you don’t want to buy new pieces, try rearranging the existing furniture or using a pop-up dining table to make your guests feel special.

6. Add More Lights

Living rooms should be well lit, especially during the evening when you’re entertaining. If your living room has only one overhead light, consider adding additional lighting in wall sconces or floor lamps. This will help keep your living room well-lit and enhance the decor.

Remove heavy curtains or drapes (and their dowels) for lightweight blinds or sheer panels that allow more light to flow through your windows.

7. Use Accessories

Accent pieces are a great way to add variety without completely changing up your space. Look for items to add life to your room but don’t get so carried away that you lose the style you’ve worked so hard to create.

If you think living rooms are only for show, it’s time to change your opinion. A little creativity and a lot of effort can go a long way in sprucing up any living room quickly and easily.

8. Paint Your Walls

Painting your living room walls can be a simple and inexpensive way to give them a face-lift without spending too much money or effort. You could try crisp, clean colors like white or off-white for a more modern look, or go for soft hues like peach, sky blue, or light yellow to give your space a crisp yet cozy atmosphere.

9. Choose New Window Treatments

A quick and straightforward way to change up any living room is by replacing the curtains or drapes. Not only is it an easy DIY project, but the new treatments will instantly change the look of your space.

10. Give It Polished Look

Your space needs to evoke the feeling of comfort and luxury; one way to do this is by adding polished pieces like a vase, side table, or artwork. Top it all off with an accent light to create that warm-and-cozy glow.

11. Mix It Up With Plants

Adding plants is another easy way to change up any living room; not only do they add décor, but plants also purify the air and make your space seem more alive.

12. Declutter

Keep your space clean and clutter-free for a more polished look; store seasonal items in designated storage containers or place them on shelves when they aren’t being used. If you keep your living room well organized, it will always be stylishly simple.

Revamping your living room doesn’t have to be a labor of love; with these tips, you’ll be able to transform your space in no time and for very little money.

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