Summer Is Here: 5 Exterior Design Trends for Your Home


Did you know that last year, homeowners spent around $522 billion on home improvements? Not all of this went on improving the inside of the home either. But do you know the exterior trends that are currently red hot?

If not, then before you spend your hard-earned cash, let us help. Read on as we discuss five must-know exterior design trends.

  1. Natural Siding

Siding is a great, affordable way to give your house instant curb appeal at a low cost. There is a range of colors and materials on the market. However, in 2021 the trend has moved towards natural-looking colors.

Earth and stone tones are the preferred medium. Think light browns, slate greys, forest greens, and dark blues. By combining these siding colors with fittings, doors, and your roof, you can make an extremely cohesive scheme.

  1. Outdoor Spaces

People have shifted towards spending money on their homes, instead of going on holiday. This has meant many people are eager to make the best of the space they have, and this often involves the yard. One of the trends this season is to blur the line between the interior and exterior, making some serious outdoor living spaces.

Invest in quality outdoor furniture. Consider creating decking spaces as a focal point for your space. Pergolas can really enhance the look while providing much-needed shade.

  1. White

Another on-trend color is the often-overlooked white. From stark stuccos to creamy tones, white never goes out of fashion. It will always make your house look fresh and clean from the outside.

If you have chosen a darker shade elsewhere, white will always work as a contrast. It will work extremely well if you have gone for the natural siding as mentioned above.

  1. Bold Windows

The trend towards a natural, summer look for the home obviously involves maximizing the sunlight. This comes from your windows and making them a feature. If you have any control over the design of a building, lots of big windows are an architectural favorite.

Properly installed and insulated windows can also save you a lot of money on heating and air conditioning costs. If you are worried about the sunlight heating up your home, then you can attach solar blocking window film to keep the light but block out the harmful UV.

Think about pulling back heavy drapes in favor of lighter fabrics. From the outside, you can make the windows a feature using black trims to draw the eye.

  1. Native Plants

When it comes to landscaping your summer garden, native plants are in. This can put your home in harmony with its natural surroundings, tying it into the landscape. Speak to a professional company such as Imperial Landscaping and see what great flora is available in your local area.

Exterior Design Assistance

Now you know the exterior design trends, get some assistance. Designers and landscapers will be able to assist you. Take a few of these ideas you like, get talking, and increase your curb appeal!

If you enjoyed our article, we have many more to help. From design to DIY, we can help create your perfect home in 2021!

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