Steel for Interior Design: Why Not Yet the New Normal?


With interior design and architectural trends inclining toward minimalism and modernism, it becomes quite challenging to implement it in large rooms without compromising space. But look how seamlessly studioX4 has integrated minimalistic interior in this home. The visual interplay between contrasting surfaces portrays a smart selection of construction materials for defining a directed outlook and ambiance for the house’s interior. Here, one material stands out-stainless steel.

Furniture designers are also catching up with this trend. More and more of these explore modern and artistic models for residential furniture with blends of rods, bars, plates, and pipes of and large diameter stainless steel with wood, glass, and Perspex. As an alloy of iron, not only does stainless steel has exceptionally high durability. It is also highly recyclable, making it a sustainable material and a metal of choice even for green building.

Delivering elegance

It is a few furniture pieces and minimal detailing that defines minimalism and modernism. With that, it is easy for such spaces to read bland and lackluster. However, the shine of stainless steel sheets, pipes, and tubes is exceptional in providing luminosity to direct to and reveal elegant details in interior spaces that will enliven even dull spaces. Additionally, polished stainless steel projects light reflections, a critical interior design concept for giving small spaces the visual illusion of a large space.

Well-stained checker plates can also deliver rustic visual effects for industrial interior design. However, that will require discussing the perfect size of checkers and gauge of the plate to use with your suppliers.

Residential building with steel

Whole Building Design Guide provides critical guidelines for green building. The guide also describes green building certification systems as focusing more on the entire project than on specific products. Therefore, when planning for a green building project, push for high levels of performance and compliance. Most of these environmental requirements are national. However, also check with your local building authority as it could have defined them in finer details.

More on green building requirements

Critical of these requirements is the availability of abundant natural light for every room. Large glass doors and windows can easily deliver that. But, large-diameter stainless steel can serve as solar tubes in tight spaces and large rooms. These solar tubes will provide not only abundant light but also warmth in these spaces-however, a source from reputable suppliers that can assure quality and professional services.

Conclusion: Properties of choice

The silvery look of stainless steel chiefly defines the dexterity of the metal blending with most interior and architectural designs. Stainless steel is also non-corrosive, resistant to drastic temperature variations, and antistatic. Thanks to these properties, you can create elegant features in residential spaces that are easy to clean, durable, and hygienic. Being antistaticalso makes stainless steel material of choice for use in homes with persons allergic to fine dust.

Stainless steel offers high customization of interior and architectural components with elegant finishes. Some of the trendy finishes, especially for minimalism and modernism interior concepts, are reflective, soft satin, checker, pickled and standard blasted. The fun is in the myriad of design options for stainless that you can blend into your design project. You can hardly go wrong with stainless.

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