Luxury Bathrooms Boost Sales of Homes in the UK


The economy in the UK is recovering, thanks to the interest in bathroom products and installations. In fact, new build homes, which often feature more than one bathroom and a cloakroom, have led people in older homes to refurbish their bathrooms. People with a good deal of equity in their homes find that adding a luxury bath is a way to realise a good return on their investment.

A Winning Home Improvement

Indeed, luxury bathrooms in Richmond and elsewhere in the UK are trending, especially nowadays with the emphasis placed on water efficiency and sustainability. If you want to give your own bathroom a more spa-like feel, you will find that refurbishing your older bathroom will indeed be a winning home improvement.

Also consider that as the UK population continues to age and the number of people with disabilities likewise continues to increase, the trend will turn to inclusive bathroom accessories. Accessibility is a major feature when creating a new bathroom design.

Another trend also surfacing is multigenerational living designs, or future-proofing bathrooms so that people can easily use the bathroom area as they age. Some of the accessories that are growing ever more popular include slim-line designed wash basins, space-saving shower and bath arrangements, and short-projection furnishings. You can also include compact wall-mounted sanitaryware to that list.

To learn more about what the future holds for people opting for luxury designed bathrooms, you can review the projections given by experts for 2025. Some of the new innovations are definitely astounding and can be added in other areas outside the bathroom. For example, some bathroom industry professionals claim that special floor tiles or rug products will replace the use of the old-fashioned bathroom scale.

Projections for Future Luxury Bathrooms

Smart mirrors will be installed so users can check on their health. The mirrors will advise users about their condition overall. Floor and wall tiles will serve as displays and panelled speakers. Thumbprint recognition systems will also be used to allow immediate personalisation of entertainment options and illumination.

By the time that 2040 rolls around, you will be experiencing a bathroom that is both luxurious and made to be “smart.” Some of the technological applications, for example, will allow users to see themselves using various shades and colours of makeup before application. This will be done with a video mirror.

For now, however, you will need to be satisfied with shower heads that allow for the additional use of water at a lower price. Sensor-activated taps are now in vogue today. These updated accessories will have to tide you over until you can experience the future bathroom where the AC will release aromas and remove odours, pollen, and bacteria.

By the year 2040, 3D bathroom fittings will provide customisation so that bathtubs and toilet seats can be adapted to a user’s shape. Whilst customisation has not reached this pinnacle today, it certainly has made the desire for bathroom updates a continuing trending thing.

Needless to say, the trend to enhance the bathroom area will not wane anytime too soon. Even small details can be used to enhance people’s lifestyles on a limited budget. Today, the bathroom industry is ready to meet these kinds of challenges. It can cater to all types of preferences as well as budgets.

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