When It’s Time: Commercial Flat Roof Repair and Replacement 101


Keeping your commercial roof in good repair is vital to the stability and efficiency of any building. Unfortunately, because flat roofs are difficult to see and inspect from the ground, issues often go unnoticed.

While this is true, it is still important to know when commercial flat roof repair is needed. Keep reading for some of the top signs these repairs are needed.

Damaged Flashing

The metal strips that run along the edge of the roof are called flashing. The purpose of these is to secure the roofing materials while preventing water or other debris from impacting the system.

If the flashing is damaged, rusting, or bent, water may seep into the roof system. It is a good idea to address this issue right away to minimize water damage. If needed, a professional repair service like Conlon Exteriors Inc can provide flashing repair.

Bubbles on the Roof

Blisters or bubbles on your roof may be a sign of a problem with your roof. If a roof is not installed properly, bubbles and blisters are likely.

Usually, bubbles occur when moisture is trapped beneath the roofing materials. As the water trapped evaporates, the result is visible blisters or bubbles.

These may lead to water seeping through the roof. Over time, this can cause significant damage.

Increasing Energy Costs

Commercial roofs may lose reflectivity over time. This means your building’s cooling system must work harder to maintain comfortable interior temperatures.

In some areas, this can create high cooling and heating bills. If you notice this, it is time to schedule an inspection and repairs.

Interior Water Stains

Sometimes, it is possible to detect issues inside your commercial building. If you notice water stains on the ceiling or the walls of the upper floors, it could be because of roof damage.

If you are not sure of the case, schedule an inspection. A roofer can help you determine what the underlying issue is.

Strange Odors

Have you noticed foul odors or signs of mold? This often occurs when water gets through the roofing system.

If you have issues with moisture inside your commercial building, the issue will only worsen as time passes. Also, mold can cause serious health issues to those who are in the building every day. It’s a good idea to have the situation repaired before it gets any worse.


Are there low spots or sagging visible with your commercial roof? This may be seen just under the roof’s top surface.

In some cases, ponding from past rainstorms may have compressed the insulation present. Another issue may be broken roof deck joists. In either case, seeking repairs right away is a must.

Don’t Wait to Call for Commercial Flat Roof Repair

If you notice any of the signs of a problem mentioned above, you should not wait to call for commercial flat roof repair. The longer you wait, the worse the damage will become.

For more information about maintaining a commercial or residential building, be sure to read our other blogs.

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