This Is How to Choose the Best Windows for Your House


Everybody wants a beautiful home, but how exactly do you attain that beauty? Does it come from your floors, your furniture, or your decorations? While all of this helps to pull your home together, there’s another factor you may not have considered: your windows.

Windows bring a lot of character to your home. They provide a warm, open feeling for your house. To make your home the best it can be, you need the best windows.

So, how can you tell which window options are best for your house? If that’s what you want to know, you’re in the right place! In this article, we’ll break down the vital considerations for getting the best home windows.

Best Windows: New or Replacement

One of the first window decisions you have to make is whether you want new or replacement windows. What’s the difference? A new window is what homeowners choose when they want a new set and style of windows installed in their home.

Replacement windows, however, involves installing new windows in existing frames and trims. Each has its advantages. New windows are a top-notch choice if your frame or trim has fallen into disrepair.

Another reason why homeowners choose new windows is their artistic flair. Homeowners with an artistic vision for their house often choose to install new windows since it gives them more freedom to design the aesthetic of their house.

Replacement windows are an excellent choice for people whose window frames and trim are in functional condition. If you’re satisfied with the look of your windows, but the panes are either dirty or weathered, you can install replacement windows.

The cost of installing new windows is a little costlier than replacement windows. While the windows themselves are roughly the same price, installing new windows involves more intensive labor. Because of this, you pay more to install them because of labor costs.

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Top Window Styles

Once you decide whether you want new or replacement windows, your next decision is which kind of window style you want. While several types of windows exist, there are a few mainstays that every homeowner should know.

Single/Double Hung Windows

These windows are without doubt the most common types of windows in America. They include two panes, one inner pane, and one glass.

With a single-hung window, you open it by unlocking it, then raising the glass pane upwards. If you have a double-hung window, you can open it from either the top or the bottom.

Double-hung windows have certain advantages over single hung. They are excellent for creating airflow through the house, a refreshing feature on a sunny spring or fall day.

They are also a little safer for families with small children. Children are crafty at finding all sorts of ways to injure themselves, and one of the ways they do this is by climbing up to open windows.

With a single-hung window, this is a viable option for a small child. However, with a double-hung window that you open at the top, a child is far less capable of climbing up.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are a category unto themselves, as several different types of casement styles exist. However, all their styles function in much the same way.

Casement windows utilize a lever or spring of some kind to pop the window sash open automatically. It opens outwardly, allowing an increased airflow into the house. These windows often find their home in regions with high wind levels.

Their wind resistance comes from a feature that’s relatively unique to casement windows. When the wind blows toward the house, these windows tighten their seal to keep out extra cool air. In this way, they offer insulation advantages.

To keep these windows in top condition, you must maintain their hinges and seals. If either of these becomes weak, the windows will no longer function as they should.

Awning Windows

If you live near the coast, this is likely the window for you. Awning windows open by tilting outward, giving them the appearance of a building’s awning. In this way, they allow fresh air into the house while also reducing the amount of access.

Another common usage for awning windows is to install them in bathrooms.

Slider Windows

These windows are optimal choices if you don’t have much room for swinging windows. To open these, all you have to do is slide the window horizontally. If space is an issue, you can also fall back to the single/double-hung windows.

Choosing The Best Glass

One of the most vital features of a window is its glass. You may not know this, but plenty of different types of glass exist on the market. Depending on your particular concerns, you may favor one glass over other kinds.

For instance, those who prioritize cutting down their utility bills tend to favor low emissivity glass. This glass utilizes a thin, transparent layer over your glass to prevent excess heat from entering the home.

This feature is helpful for several reasons. For one thing, it makes it easier for your HVAC system to regulate your home temperature. It can also ward off weathering of furniture or flooring caused by intruding heat.

Another glass type that the more security-conscious homeowner loves is impact resistant glass. This glass holds up well against several kinds of impact, whether from a burglar with a crowbar or storm debris.

If you want to sleep more soundly at night or feel more secure on vacation, this glass is an excellent first step.

Take The First Step

Having learned about the different categories of windows and glass, you’re in a much better position to decide what windows you want. Once you figure that out, you’re free to call a service and request a rate. Take the first step and find a service near you today!

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