Three Popular Types of Driveways for Your Home


Adding a driveway or landscaping to your business or home is a crucial decision — one that should not be taken lightly. Further, many paving companies also offer landscaping services. Consider the following services that may add value to your home:

  • Fencing
  • Wall Building
  • Sleeper Work
  • Turfing

Now to the primary reason you searched. Choose a company that has all the latest driveway styles to choose from. Consider the following driveways that will add value to your home.

Resin Bound Driveway

A resin-bound driveway can complement any property’s appearance. The surface is hard-wearing and, thankfully, does not require a lot of maintenance. Many love the style, saying that it gives a property a clean and modern finish and that it even adds a hint of luxury to your home.

A resin-bound driveway provides the natural look of aggregate. However, the stones or gravel stay put because of the resin. It is durable and low maintenance. It is slip-resistant both to you and your car. Additionally, it is UV stable, so the surface is not affected by oil or fuel. Rain also permeates the surface rather than puddles.

Resin driveways are available in a wide variety of styles and colours to match your home. So if you are looking for resin driveways in Wilmslow, you are making a great choice because it can enhance your home’s appearance and increase the value of your property.

Indian Stone Driveway

Indian stone driveways are known for being both stylish and extremely practical. It is also durable and hard-wearing, meaning it will not split, crack, wear, or peel, even in UK winters.

Block Paving

Add style to your property with a block paved driveway. Block paving can withstand the elements and is long-lasting. The surface is versatile and can be used for driveways and gardens. Installation involves laying blocks that are made in a huge range of shapes, styles, and colours.

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