Rearranging Creativity: Changing Your Home Art Displays


As someone who is in the business of creating prints and paintings, you might have made some pieces for display in your home. But the thing is, do you have to hang them up in the usual way, just like any other person would? Or maybe you could try to change them up and make your creativity shine? Here are some ideas for displaying your artwork at home that you, your friends, and your family can appreciate.

Turn Them Into the Wall

What if, instead of hanging your art pieces on the wall, you turn them into the wall? For example, if you’re thinking of putting up a new interior wall, instead of sticking with a plain one, you can turn it into an art installation. It’s possible to experiment with paints that you use for interiors and then put it up using metal studs and framing screws. Or if you’re the digital art kind of person, you can choose to avail of custom wallpaper services instead.

Let Them Lean

Sometimes, the problem is when you don’t have space or permission to hang your art pieces on the wall. In that case, you can make them lean on the wall instead, especially when they’re already framed, anyway. You can even work with heights by putting some on, say, different stacks of books. Or you can go with layers and put one slightly over the other. Of course, there’s the risk of making the floor a little cluttered, but it’s all a matter of artistic arrangement.

Put Them on Shelves

As you may know, some frames have an option for making them stand instead of hang. You can use that fact and put on hanging shelves that can hold those standing art pieces. What’s great about it is that you don’t have to arrange the shelves regularly, and you can experiment with their positions. It’s also possible to use different kinds of materials for them, too. You can also change the arrangement of the pieces themselves when you get too used to them later on. These can also accommodate 3D work, such as small sculptures.

Hang in a Different Way

Of course, you can still choose to hang them up if you want. But you’re not restricted to just one way of doing it. For example, you can put nails in a row, but you can use different lengths of string to connect them to your work, making them look dynamic. If you have small pieces, you can choose to hang them up as part of a mobile. There are many possibilities for where you can put it, including the ceiling and a decorative corner of the house.

Just like with creating your work, there are also several possibilities for displaying them in your house. You can turn your display arrangement into another form of art, or it can become your source of inspiration for your next piece. There’s no reason for you to leave your display boring and uninspired. Go and rearrange your art pieces however you want in your home.

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