Support Your Community and Buy Local


Far too many people get sucked in by multimillion pound advertising campaigns from national and international companies when the same services or products could be sourced closer to home for a similar price with an undoubtedly higher level of personal service. The internet is as much to blame for this phenomenon as the television was 20 years ago, essentially what these companies are saying is ‘We have more money for advertising than you so we’re better’, but anyone who has used a local company and compared the overall experience with a national company will beg to differ. From local sourced food in Portsmouth to local garage doors in Southampton, you can get a lot of what you need on your own doorstep. If you were to choose a local supplier for your garage doors, please see below for a small list of the benefits a local company can offer in comparison to a national firm:

  • More Personalised Service
  • You can Visit the Showroom in Person
  • More Competitive Prices
  • Testimonials from Local Customers
  • Quicker Response Time if a Repair or Service is Needed

The above list contains just a few examples outlining how a local company could provide a better all-round service than one from outside the area.

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Quotes and Costings

Another advantage that a local garage door supplier has over a national supplier is that they can usually arrive at your home and provide a quotation more quickly. You may also be able to negotiate the price face to face, especially if it’s the owner doing the quotation!

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