Plumbers to the Rescue: Emergency Help with Water Leaks


Plumbing can be a complicated part of a home. There are many different things that can malfunction. Older homes may experience broken or deteriorating pipes. This can lead to leaks. Sometimes, faucets wear out, as well. Large clogs in the line can cause a backup of water and even a clog in an air conditioning line can cause a mess.

Older Homes

If you own an older home, you should have your pipes checked to make sure they are still strong. The foundation of older homes also settles over the years. This can cause pipes to shift, forming gaps. Water can then leak into the home or underground. A sudden influx of water into your home can be the result of a rusted out or broken pipe. Leaks can start as a slow drip or water can rush in when a pipe breaks. Emergency plumbers in Bury St Edmunds can stabilise the situation until repairs can be started.

Signs of Trouble

Trouble can begin in the walls or ceiling. You may not notice anything is wrong until a ceiling caves in or the floor becomes soaking wet. Pay attention to differences in your home. You may notice a wet spot on the ceiling or a small spot of water on the floor long before the problem gets out of control. You may need to call an emergency plumber; however, if things progress quickly.

  • Water suddenly rushing into the home
  • Water backing up from toilets, showers, and sinks
  • Water seeping onto the floors or dripping from the ceiling

Emergency plumbing situations can happen in any home. Older homes, however, have some higher risk factors. It is important to have your plumber’s emergency contact number on hand. Call immediately and expect the water to be turned off to the home until repairs can begin.



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