Knowing When to Call a Professional Tree Surgeon


Cutting down a tree in your garden can be difficult and dangerous, if you want to avoid any mishaps, it is highly recommended you call a tree surgeon.

Low Lying Branches

If you found your tree has low lying branches that need trimming, you should make a call to a professional tree surgeon. Low lying branches can cause damage to your property, they can also hurt people if they become weak and fall off. In addition, branches can continue growing and they start to get too close to your home or electrical wires. If you’ve problems with branches, it is time to call the best tree surgeons in Kent to resolve the issue.

Irregular Shape

Some homeowners notice that their tree seems a little off, when they take a look at it, it doesn’t look right, but it’s hard to know what the problem is. If you notice your tree taking on an irregular shape, you should call an arborist right away. They assess the shape and look for other telltale signs of uneven growth which include things like:

  • Branches growing haphazardly
  • Tree is leaning
  • It looks lopsided
  • Overgrowth in one section

No Sunlight

Every area of a tree needs sunlight to flourish, if the branches become too dense, you’ll need to call a tree surgeon in order to trim some of the branches. Without sunlight the tree will wither and die.

It is your responsibility to take care of trees on your property, the best way of doing so is to call a professional tree surgeon in your area.

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