How to Detect a Bad Professional Home Moving Company


Today most people rely on the internet to choose companies associated with such services as home moving. But even before entrusting a professional company with the total process of relocation, it is very important to understand if the company is actually trustworthy. While a thorough research both on government portals and other referral websites is a must for zeroing on a good professional home moving company, a rogue mover can be identified by certain easy signs like:

  • They offer verbal estimates over the phone, internet or any other way in which they remain hidden without even having a look or conducting an on-site inspection of what needs to be transported. These estimates generally seem too good to be true and customers should not be taken in by them.
  • The company either asks for a huge cash deposit even before they come to package and collect the goods that need to be transported.
  • All interstate movers are required to pass on a booklet containing details about the rights and responsibilities of the customer who wants to move house to another state. This is a federal requirement and rogue movers generally do not comply with the same.
  • The website of the company neither states a local address not mentions anything about the licenses or any other statutory compliances or permissions obtained from the federal authorities.
  • Instead of offering customers the choice of insurance options as stated by the federal government, the mover claims that all goods that need to be transported automatically get covered by their insurance.
  • The offices as well as the warehouse looks to be very shabby, ill-kept and almost non-existent.
  • A rental truck comes to collect the goods to be transported instead of a company owned truck or company marked truck or cargo carrier.

The presence of any one of the above points should be a warning sign for the customer seeking the services of a good moving company. If ignored, the customer is liable to undergo great losses or might also get robbed of his belongings.

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