Experts recommend: Top tips for wood floor maintenance


Once you have installed wooden flooring in your home, you have your room stylish and pretty looking. But if you want to keep this great look, you have to take care for its proper maintenance. Nowadays, there is a variety of modern detergents and products which will really make your flooring look great. But there are some things, apart from buying expensive products, which, if taken into consideration, will make the work even easier for you. We can list some of them now:

Use a carpet on your wooden flooring
This advice, although it might seem very simple and usual for you, can have the biggest positive effect on your flooring. You should put carpets or mats at the places, where the traffic on your flooring is most intense – like for example in the hall, at the entrance. You should put a doormat at the entrance of your home. From one side, this will protect your flooring from the collected dirt from the shoes from outside, and on the other hand, it will prevent the moisture from them to enter your home. You should change the position of the carpet from time to time, in order there not to be difference in the color in the different parts of the flooring.

When you have to move your furniture, lift them

This tip will help you reduce the number of the scratches on your flooring. And if you drag the pieces of furniture in your room too often, you risk having it really bad looking at the end. We, from advice you to put protection pads on them, this will lower the risk from dents even more.

Keep the moisture away

We advice you on how to reduce the amount of wood flooring scratches. Heavy furniture pieces dragging often results in distressed and not that appealing wood floor surface in some time. We at Floor Sanders London always recommend placing rugs here and there and adding castor cups to heavier furniture pieces for reducing the risk of dents and noticeable marks.

Be careful with the spills

You should not install wooden flooring in premises like kitchen or where your washing machine is. You also have to be very careful with the sinks, with the possible leaks from the flower pots, radiators, etc. When, accidentally, a leakage or spill still occurs, then make sure you clean it right away, otherwise it may cause big damages in long-term period.

Take care for the nails of the animals in your home

Do not leave the nails of your pet grow too much. They can cause a lot of scratches on the surface. If you have them trimmed regularly, you will not any kind of problems like this. Also, it will be a good idea not to allow your pet to enter a room, where there is natural wooden flooring, too often.

Do not walk with high-heeled shoes on the wooden flooring

What these shoes may cause your flooring is the same as pets. It is recommended to take off your shoes before you walk into the room. Keep your shoes with a protective cap and in good state, in order to protect your floor.

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