All That You Should Know About Laminate Flooring


Composition of laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is a layered kind of flooring having layers numbering from two to five. Various layers have different composition as well as roles to play:

  • Layer 5: The lowermost layer found very seldom serves solely the cosmetic purpose. It is meant to conceal any kind of flooring imperfections.
  • Layer 4: Normally known as base layer, this layer is sealed with melamine resin sealant and provides protection from moisture and enhances stability


  • Layer 3: It is the thickest middle layer strengthened with High Density Fiber (HDF)
  • Layer 2: It is a beautiful layer where 3D design is imprinted to create an effect
  • Layer 1: The topmost layer is transparent, protective in nature and provides ample security to the second layer against scratches or stains.

Benefits of laminate flooring

Laminate flooring looks exactly like the original wood, owing to 3D photography design that it carries. No one can differentiate it from the real stuff. Laminate Vancouver flooring comes in unlimited designs, buyers can customize the looks according to their tastes too. With laminate flooring, a house is not a pale collection of brick and mortar; in fact, it infuses with incredible liveliness and speaks everything about your styling sense.

You can also make your home eco-friendly as the laminate flooring promotes insulation and helps maintaining the normal room temperature. This flooring is completely scratch-resistant and can be maintained easily.

A word of caution

Laminate flooring, if damaged completely, can be reset only through replacement. There is no way it can be repaired like hardwood floor. Also, it is considered a cheap kind of flooring, as it is not authentic hardwood; so some may consider it too inferior an option to use for pricey homes.

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