Common Plumbing Problems That Require an Expert Touch


Plumbing issues are very common in houses around the UK. Modern plumbing systems are very difficult to understand. There is a complex system of pipes, valves and pumps that are all connected together. It’s difficult to understand how the system works unless you are a plumber. Basic plumbing issues are generally easy to fix; most homeowners know how to replace a leaking tap or fix a running toilet. However, there are certain plumbing problems that you can’t fix on your own. Meddling with complex issues can actually cause more damage. Therefore, it’s best to rely on the services of a professional in such cases. Here are some common problems for which you should call a plumber.

Boiler Issues

Most houses are equipped with electrical or gas boilers. There are delicate components installed in the boiler that can easily get damaged if you don’t know what you are doing. Buckinghamshire plumbers are generally experts in handling boiler problems. In case the boiler stops heating water, you should always contact a specialist for an inspection. Make sure you contact a Gas Safe registered technician for boiler inspections.

Bathroom Installation

Installing bathroom fixtures such as the toilet or the wash basin isn’t as easy as you think. Most bathrooms are tiled. The plumbers will first have to break the tiles in specific places and then place the bathroom fixture carefully on the drain pipes. If the bathroom fixture isn’t installed properly, it might start leaking water. It’s best to leave this job to a professional.

Drainage Problems

Drainage problems aren’t easy to fix. The drain pipe is located under the ground. If there’s a blockage in the drain pipe, determining the point of the blockage is a big issue. Expert plumbers will use high-quality equipment to first determine the issue and then remove the blockage.

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