A Decorated Cabinets For Storage


In the past years, wine racks and cabinets are becoming increasingly popular for many reasons. First, wine is “good liquor” by many standards. Displaying wine bottles is fancy and, after all, you can also drink them. Wine racks are usually displayed in the living room, but are also a very good addition for a bedroom, because you can also drink wine in your intimacy and gives a very sexy look to it. Having a wine rack or cabinet is not so difficult and you can even do it yourself in a day, you don’t need many materials and you can do it even if you are a complete dummy in these matters.

When you have a wine rack, you have much more than a place to store your bottles. You have also a room embellisher and you also have a good excuse to buy more wine. It is all advantages! All you need is a few materials like PVC pipes, wood pallets posts, coke cans, milk crates and well, almost anything you get in your hands can turn into a wine rack.

For example, if you want to make a simple wine rack, you can cut PVC pipes with a similar diameter to wine bottles by half and paint them in the colors you want. After this, you just have to attack them to other pipes or metal rods and you have a very functional and beautiful rack. The better you are in DIY, the better it will look but making a basic one is as simple as spending a few minutes with your tools (see how easy is to measure windows for blinds).

Creating a cabinet is more complex and may not be something you can tackle by yourself unless you are an expert. One of the difficulties for liquor cabinets is that these bottles are shaped in very different shapes and lengths, while wine comes almost always in the same ones. You can’t make a rack for that so, you need a cabinet where you can store different shapes. A good way to save a lot of effort to make a liquor cabinet is to use a cabinet.

That’s a no brainer for sure. However, if you want to make it look better, you can remove the door and replace it by a transparent or transfused one, and then add lighting inside it with LED lights or strip lights. Since bottles are not flammable (they will not ignite with sparks even they have alcohol inside them) you can use battery powered ones and hide them very easily under it.

If you need a hand to do this, you can always hire a contractor and get done a professional one. This is much better, obviously, but it is also more expensive and won’t let you practice and create. If you hire a contractor, make sure you explain him very well what you want and do not hesitate to make him as many questions as needed, maybe he also have good ideas that will match better with the rest of your furniture.

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