3 Reasons you Might Need an Emergency Plumber


A plumbing emergency is something every homeowner fears, and there are a number of issues that would qualify as an urgent need, and here are just three.

  1. Burst Water Pipe– The worst case scenario would be 3am in the upstairs bathroom, and make it a Sunday just to make matters worse. Of course, priority number one is to turn off the water, and once that is done, a call to the affordable plumbing services in Battle will see a plumber there within minutes.
  1. Blocked Drains– Another potential disaster, a blocked drain should not be tackled if you have no experience, and, of course, first you have to pinpoint the blockage, which can be a real challenge. The plumber would use CCTV to inspect the inner drains to see exactly what the problem is, which eliminates the need for digging up the garden. Ask the technician to power clean your drains while he is there, which will reduce the risk of a further blockage, and you will have the peace of mind that your drains are in good shape.
  1. Boiler Breakdown– This means no heating or hot water, and the sooner you call a plumbing and heating company, the better. The boiler should be serviced annually, and even then it can malfunction, and a gas-safe plumber would soon identify the problem and carry out effective repairs.

The easiest way to find an emergency plumber is with a Google search, which brings up a list of local emergency plumbers. Always enquire about the call out charge, which varies greatly, and there are those who have no call out fee, which is more than reasonable.

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