Why Is Your Home Being Targeted by Burglars?


Movies and TV shows tend to glamorize burglary. We’ve seen them do that in Ocean’s 11. We all rooted for George Clooney, et. al. to succeed. But in real life, burglars are criminals who break into the homes of unsuspecting homeowners who worked hard for whatever it is that they purchased and put in their homes. They are not people that we should root for. They are criminals that should be put in jail, regardless of the intentions or the reasons for their actions.

Burglary has dropped in recent years because of technology such as smart home systems. Homeowners are also smarter these days in securing their homes. Still, it is not impossible to hear a story from a relative, friend, or even neighbor who had an experience with a burglar lately. More, it is also not impossible to be victimized by one, especially if you do not understand why your home could be a target in the first place.

Posting Pictures Online

If you are using technology to discourage burglary, then burglars are also using technology to find a way to hack into the system. One such hack is following certain people online, especially those who love to post photos of their homes in their public profile. These photos give burglars an idea of how to enter your home. They can render a layout of your home, so they can study the best way to enter it. And if you happen to post a photo of your keys online, some tools can replicate the keys using even grainy photos.

Forgetting About the Garage

Sure, your main and back doors are locked. What about the garage? Or even the basement where a small fire exit is located? These could be entry points. Always make it a point to have your garage door checked. If possible, replace the garage door roller with something sturdier or more modern. While these are safe methods to secure the garage, more options are available for a garage door.

Leaving Trash Visible

Have you just bought a 60-inch TV? How did you get rid of the box? If you put the box outside your home, then chances are that burglars have seen it. Aside from cash, burglars are also targeting electronics and gadgets. The same goes if you recently bought an expensive laptop, phone, or other appliance. They know that they can get their hands on these things by entering the home. Invest in a box cutter. It will take no more than a minute to break down the large boxes and fit them inside your garbage can.

Posting Vacation Pictures

Sure, you want to show your friends that you’re on vacation. You’re racking up a lot of likes just by posting your beach photos. But do you know who else is “liking” the fact that you and your family aren’t home? Burglars! You are basically telling them that there’s no one home, making your house a prime target for them. Wait until you get home to post your photos. Yes, even if you have a private profile. You still don’t know who else is lurking in your social media friends’ list.

Leaving Your Kids’ Toys Outside

If you are letting your kids leave their toys in the yard, then you’re also giving burglars a glimpse of what’s inside your home. If they have very nice toys, chances are that they have an expensive game console inside the house, too. Your yard actually gives out a lot of clues. For example, leaving newspapers out there will tell the burglars that you might not be home. If you’re always staying in the backyard at certain times of the day, then that’s also a good schedule for burglars to try to break into your home.

Leaving an Opening

Burglars don’t always enter a home via the main door. They are also not always six-footers. They can be petite and slim, making them the perfect size to fit through a crack in the window, the dog door, and even the window-type air-conditioner. All they have to do is pull the unit out in one swift. Keep any opening secure, including the dog door. Simply unlock it when it’s time for your dogs to use it.

These popular methods for burglars to enter your home are not lost on homeowners. They know these already but also keep forgetting about them. Timely reminders such as this will help homeowners get a grip, tighten the security of their homes, and protect their families and properties.

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