Why Installing Roof Access Hatch Is The Best Solution?


Years ago, people had to literally climb up a huge ladder in order to access the building roof for checking the maintenance of air conditioning systems or any other appliance. The risks associated with the long climb were high, resulting in increased injuries and death. Today, roof safety is assured with the installation of a roof access hatch which allows access to a flat roof just like opening a door. A roof access hatch has two parts:

  • Upstand: Part which is installed on the roof
  • Cover: The part that closes off the upstand.

Both the parts are insulated to prevent loss of heat through the roof when the access is closed. However, the insulation value of the roof access hatch varies depending on the purpose, brand, and type of roof.


  1. For non-residential buildings: Commercial buildings like hospitals, companies and industrial units perform air conditioning maintenance on rooftops, thereby requiring the need to access the roof. The prime advantage of using the roof access is that you don’t need to take up the long vertical climb anymore as you just need to climb one level from the top floor. It is highly safe as the climb is indoors.
  2. For residential buildings: Since residents living mostly in apartments feel the need to relax on the rooftop terrace, they require access to the roof. Glazed roof access is generally preferred for residential buildings as they let in daylight, illuminating the room below.

Benefits of installing roof access hatch

  • Safe: Roof access hatches are the safest option while accessing rooftops. Comprising of parts made from safe materials, without compromising on quality, anyone can access the roof without the fear of any risk of injury and death. The hatch is designed in accordance with standard safety regulations authorized by regulatory bodies like Occupational Safety and Health Administration.
  • Reliable: Roof access hatches are fabricated from thick and highly strong metals like aluminum, steel, and stainless steel. They are acid dipped and powder coated to provide maximum strength and resistance to extreme weather conditions. The provision of the interior ladder helps us to access the roof conveniently.
  • Insulators of heat: The roof access covers and upstand are insulated to prevent heat loss through the roof. The extent of insulation depends on the purpose and type of roof and building. The thicker the insulation, the higher is the insulation value.
  • Soundproof and resistant to burglary: The covers are resistant to sound and noise and highly protective with the facility to lock securely.
  • Easy to install and operate: The roof access hatch can be easily and quickly installed, unlike other access types. Also, it is easy to operate. Just by standing on the steps of the ladder, one can open and close the roof door with one hand. A diagonal handrail is available on the inside which facilitates easy climbing up and down the stairs.
  • Advanced features: Today, there are so many advanced features to the roof access hatch like electrically controlled hatches to ensure that they close when it rains outside and central alarm system connected hatches to warn the insiders in cases of a break-in.
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