Which Stains Are The Hardest To Remove From Carpets

There are some stains which are more difficult to remove than others from the carpet. It is important to know which ones are the most difficult so that you can keep them away from all the carpets in the house.
If you spill any of these substances onto the carpet, then it is a very good idea to contact some professional carpet cleaners. They can use specialist chemicals and equipment that you might not have access to in your home.
So what are the most stubborn stains to remove from your carpets?
Grass Stains
If people trample grass into the house whilst they have their shoes on, then grass stains might be left on all of the carpets. These grass stains will need to be dealt with as soon as they appear. It is a very good idea to hire a specialist company which will be able to lift the grass stains out of the carpet with a minimum of fuss.
Once the grass stains have been removed then you will want to make sure that people are not walking into the house whilst wearing their boots. Choose quality carpet cleaning in the sunshine coast.
Red Wine
Red wine is another stubborn stain which can require a lot of elbow grease to get rid of. If you spill some red wine onto the carpet then it can be lifted out using some white wine vinegar. Do not try and scrub the affected area because you will only succeed in making the stain much more ingrained in the fabric. Instead, you should dab the affected area until the wine has been completely lifted out from the carpet. 
Chocolate is a very common stain and it is not very easy to remove. The most common way that chocolate ends up on the carpet is if your children have eaten some and then they go and play in the living room. You can call a cleaning service to make sure that the chocolate has been completely lifted out of the fabric. In future, it is probably best if the children wash their hands after they finish eating their chocolate.
Chewing Gum
You might chew lots of gum every day, but you always remember to put it in the bin once you have finished with it. However, small children are not always as attentive as adults. They often forget to do this when they have finished chewing their gum. Instead of putting it into the bin, lots of children will often throw the used gum on the carpet where it will get trampled. The chewing gum will then need to be lifted out of the carpet using some special chemicals to break the gum down.
If the glue is dropped onto the carpet, it can set very quickly and it may be extremely difficult to remove. The glue needs to be removed as quickly as possible.
Choosing a professional carpet cleaning company will help to keep all your carpets in great condition.
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