What Is A Tree Surgeon And Why You Might Need One


A tree surgeon is a professional that many might not even have heard of. However, in no way does that decrease the level of importance that this field of work carries.

As the name suggests, tree surgeons have everything to do with the health of trees. It might sound simple and cute, but this job involves a lot of hazards. If you feel like getting to know more about tree surgeons, we completely understand you. Below we will be discussing the roles and responsibilities of a tree surgeon and also tell you why you might be needing one.

Who is a Tree Surgeon 

A tree surgeon is a highly skilled professional who is actively involved in all the life stages of a tree. This includes the plantation, the maintenance, and the removal (if needed) of the trees.

An arborist is a professional term for a tree surgeon. They know everything that can be potentially good and bad for trees. This is how they can take such good care of them. Otherwise, we would all be satisfied with our local gardener. Arborists work on a higher level than gardeners. Their job is slightly more technical.

What does a Tree Surgeon do

The job of a tree surgeon is as interesting as it gets. There are so many stages to it.

  • Planting
  • Pruning
  • Tree felling
  • Log splitting
  • Tree removal

However, all of this is just a part of everything that arborists do. They are able to tell the difference between dead and alive branches of a tree. They are also specialized in the process of removing the limb of trees safely. So, it is not just the maintenance of trees that occupies the time of a tree surgeon.

Tree Surgeons or arborists also make good gardeners. They can offer some great advice if you ask them what kind of tree will be best for your lawn. It doesn’t just end there, though. They will also tell you the right spot to plant trees and the kind of soil that will benefit the tree.

Why we need Tree Surgeons 

As sad as it might sound, trees die when they have lived enough. It goes without saying that a dead tree has to be removed. Most people will argue that cutting down a dead tree is a job that they can do on a Sunday on their own. However, it is not as simple as chopping the tree.

A tree surgeon will read the surroundings of the tree and bring it down in a safe manner. Merely cutting down a tree can invite catastrophes in the area. This is why arborists fell the trees down, implying all of their acquired skills.

Be it planting a seed or be it taking down a dead tree, tree surgeons are masters of their craft. This is exactly why we need them.

You might not even know the name of the tree that you want in your garden. An arborist will know the type of trees that can be planted together to live harmoniously.

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