Ultimate Home Appliances Relocation Tips


Searching a dream house is very difficult and exhausting, sometimes you find it and sometimes you will have to settle for something less than perfect. But after you find your dream house, you, your partner and the family will be so excited to move in. Your hands will be sore from signing all that paperwork, you’ll be tired from all the trips to the bank talking about a mortgage will be so mind-numbing to the point of exhaustion.

But after all that you feel that you have done everything. But the fun begins now. And that is relocation, relocation is very stressful because of all the chaos. So, take help of Packers and movers in Gurgaon. There is a lot of work to be put between the timeline from “We’re Moving!!!” to “We’re Home!!”. And all this must be accomplished without losing your cool. We all have a lot of items that we keep at home.

The most common being appliances, like fridge, microwave, cooking range, toaster and so on. And we would always want all of them to be transported without getting damaged, yes yes even our precious coffee maker that makes amazing Cappuccino. But sometimes, due to improper packing or handling of goods during loading or unloading, it might get damaged, and none of us wants that.

Here are certain tips to keep your appliances safe during the whole duration of the move,

Should you move your appliance at all?

This is the first question that you need to ask yourself if you want to move them, you might say yes if they are new or recently purchased, your new home doesn’t have this appliance and you need this for all your daily needs, the agreement of the house doesn’t permit you to leave anything behind But if you feel that the appliance is old, outdated and having too many technical difficulties, your newer house has better and more modern appliance, or any other reason, then your answer can be no. Once you have made your choice about the matter it is time to get down to the actual moving and packing job.

Have proper Moving Tools to safely move the Appliance:

You cannot always use muscle power everywhere, some places it is possible while in other places it can’t be done, even if you are as strong as Hercules. You will have to use tools to support you while moving these appliances,

Appliance Dolly:

This little wheeled helper is a must, it reduces the load on you, so you don’t strain yourself. It takes all the load of the appliance, and it is available in home improvement stores near you. You can always purchase one on rent to save you the time and money of buying a new one.

Moving Blankets:

This cloth will offer full protection to your appliance and will take all the damage impacts so as the appliance remain undamaged. It is exactly the type of protection that you need for your precious and expensive appliances.


Also known as gliders, these are lifesavers, especially if you have wooden floors, or have vitrified tiles, as they do not allow scratches to come on the floor surface while also doing its job of transporting the appliance.

Protection of Property:

This is something that you will always look for, you don’t want your beloved home to be damaged while lifting heavy appliances. The prominent danger occurs near the door, tiles, and other such places. You can use thick cardboard to cover the doors, or shell out some money to buy durable polyethylene to cover the doors, this will help you get all the deposit money that you paid, and it won’t get cut unnecessarily due to damage to the house. This is cheaper than having costly home repairs right after you shifted your house.

All in all, you have to take extra precautions not only for your appliances but also for the surrounding so there is no damage. There is nothing called “Extra Packing” it is always good to do a little extra, to avoid damage to your goods. All in all the easiest and the most stress-free way would be to hire professionals to move since they have experience in handling appliances. You can find trusted professionals at AssureShift, if you want to relocate locally in Gurgaon, it’s best if you hire Packers and Movers for local shifting in Gurgaon who will help you with all your relocation needs, and special needs, if any.

How to move major appliances:

Here are some tips to move the most common home appliance without a hassle,


  • Disconnect the power 24 hours before the move, empty the contents and pack them separately.
  • Take out all the parts, like trays, and so on and place them separately.
  • Clean out the fridge and let it dry, so there is no chance of any bacterial growth.
  • On moving day seal the door of the fridge using a tape or a rope to keep it from opening.
  • Load the big kitchen appliance on the moving dolly and secure it extremely well to the wheeled helper.
  • Keep the fridge in an upright position to keep it from falling or tipping over.
  • When you reach your new house, do not immediately plug in your fridge, let it be as is for 3 hours so that the oil inside has a chance to settle before you turn it on.

Washing Machine/Dryer/Dishwasher:

  • Unplug the power supply and drain the hose before you can pack it. Make sure that it is dry and no water is inside.
  • Clean the interior with a soft, dry cloth, this can also be your chance to clean the machine’s filter.
  • Cover and secure your washing machine(or dryer/dishwasher) with a moving blanket, and secure it, use tape, and packing wire to keep it secure, so it won’t become undone during packing.

 Gas Stove:

  • This is the most dangerous of the lot where you have to take extra precaution to avoid a gas leak.
  • Remove all detachable items, this will help you so you won’t lose anything.
  • If your stove has a glass section, then make sure that you remove it and pack it separately using a bubble wrap.
  • Once this is delivered to your new home, consider calling a professional to help you in reconnecting all the parts, so you don’t go wrong.


  • You can disconnect the power supply.
  • Disconnect the set-top box.
  • While packing the TV make sure that you pack it securely with bubble wrap and cardboard to avoid it from getting damaged.



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