Top Reasons Heavy Equipment Injuries Happen


Whether you’re aware of it or not, you have been touched by the construction industry. Everywhere you go, workers before you built those roads, shopping malls, schools, hospitals, bars, community centers, and many others. Your life has been affected by these builders, engineers, and architects without you knowing it. And yet, the construction industry has one of the highest work-related deaths in any industry. That should stop.

When you’re buying a wheel loader for sale in the Philippines or other countries, you should look at the durability and stability of that machinery. You shouldn’t depend only on the brand name or the price tag. Your number one priority should be the safety of the people who are going to use it. On average, about 150,000 construction-industry-related injuries are tallied every year. If you’re not careful, you can be a part of the statistics.

Falling Materials and Loads

Large equipment is used to carry construction materials to one site from another. The loader, for example, has to swing while carrying tons of gravel, sand, or soil. There have been many cases wherein fallen materials from loaders injured passersby.

Blind Spots

There’s a special kind of license and permit for people who drive heavy machinery such as bulldozers and compactors. Blind spots are common when the area is not properly cordoned off. These also become a problem when there are no warning signs to ward off passersby and other workers. Since the machinery is large and heavy, its operators don’t have the advantage of clear visuals. Most of the time, they can’t see what they’re driving on. Today, thanks to modern technology, these machines have special radars and sensors.

Improper Gear

An operator who gets in and out of the equipment should be wearing the proper gear. TheOccupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) published guidelines on the proper clothing, footwear, and accessories for operators of large and heavy machinery. There are many instances, however, when an operator would forego with the proper gear because it is too cumbersome. They feel like they can’t perform their duties well with the gear on. As a result, operators slip as they climb up or get off the machine.

What Must Be Done?

It is in the interest of the construction company to train their workers on how to operate machines properly. They should also invest in the proper gear and accessories so that their workers will remain safe at all times inside their facilities. OSHA has a guide for work environments where the workers’ physical safety is usually compromised. If construction companies can follow this guide, they will put their workers in a better position to protect themselves.

At the same time, there should be punishments and penalties for workers who become too lenient. If the proper conduct in these workplaces is not met, the workers should face the consequences of their actions through administrative sanctions. This ensures that in the future, they will follow the guidelines of OSHA and the company.

Construction companies must work with industry experts to find a solution to most injuries and deaths associated with heavy equipment use. Working together will enable each party to come up with better guidelines and sanctions. This is for the good of the workers and the entire industry.

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