Stylish Home Basketball Court Ideas To Inspire You


If there’s one thing the pandemic made us realize, it’s that our homes need to be a one-stop-shop for everything: For rest, work, play, and fitness. We live in a time when restrictions are commonplace, and public gyms are always the first to go since they’re not considered essential. So if we want to stay fit, then our homes need to be a place where exercise and physical activity are encouraged. An indoor sports court might be a wonderful option since it adds value to the property.

If you’re thinking of having an indoor basketball court in your home, now is the time to consult with a team of sports surfacing professionals to know your options. Here are some designs and style ideas you can consider.

Consider converting your garage

If you don’t have a spare room or a bigger space in your home, consider converting your garage. It’s already an expansive space, and you would only need to do some repainting and resurfacing. You also won’t likely need to get a permit for it since you’re not building a separate structure for it. 

Add a mural or artwork

Another design idea you can incorporate into your home basketball court is a mural or a massive wall picture of your favorite players or sports-related artwork or photography. If you’re also the type of homeowner that appreciates a good piece of art, there’s no reason why you can’t incorporate this passion into your indoor court.

Explore the modern farmhouse aesthetic

Do you know that trendy and elegant farmhouse aesthetic that has been all the rage in the past few years? Why not consider using it as an aesthetic benchmark through which you design your indoor court? You can make it an all-white interior but with some light-colored hardwood floors. But perhaps the most important element is natural light, so make sure to have plenty of big windows with unobstructed views to ensure that the indoor court is drenched with sunlight.

Make it a varied entertainment space

If basketball is not the only physical activity your family enjoys, why not turn the space into a more varied entertainment room? You can still have the basket and the court, but it can also double as a dance studio, craft area, and maybe some Murphy beds for whenever your kids want to invite their friends for a sleepover. It will instantly become the favorite room in your house—not just for your own children but for their friends, too. You can also incorporate other fun elements like a trampoline. It will be an instant hit!

Add a seating area beside it

Depending on where you’re planning to have your indoor court installed, you might get away with adding a comfortable seating area beside it, especially for your guests or family members who don’t necessarily enjoy the sport. Add some homey elements like a plush couch, a rug, throws, pillows, and blankets. It’s a wonderful way to welcome non-sporty family members and friends into the space, even if they’re not planning on playing.

Consider adding it to your bedroom

Your spouse or significant other might kill you, but if you love the sport, why not consider adding the court into the bedroom? It will be fun to be able to shoot some balls even while you’re comfortable in the bedroom, and you can even play a quick game of horse with your kid or partner. You need not be intimidated by this idea. If it’s designed and executed well, there’s no reason why a basketball court in the bedroom can’t look elegant and perfectly placed.

Incorporate it into your kids’ playroom

If you want your kid to grow up loving the sport, consider adding a sports court into their playroom as well. It can be a mini version until they’re old enough and might want to play the game for real. It can be a wonderful addition to the room, especially if they already have the more essential elements like a table, chairs, and favorite books and school supplies. It can also have all their favorite board games and other types of games, which can make it perfect for when their friends come over.

Having an indoor court can be beneficial for you and your family’s health, and it might add value to your property too. Think of it as an investment into your family’s overall well-being and in the value of your residential property, too. Good luck, and get your head in the game!

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