Some Dos And Don’ts Involving Natural Stone Cleaning Products


Natural stones such as onyx, marble, slate and even travertine can always help in adding a proper touch of elegance to the entrance hallway of your place, kitchen counters, fireplace mantel and even to you bathroom vanity. But, most of the people will actually shy off from these porous stone options as they are well prone to dull marks and tiny cracks, as results of cleaners and acid based foods. With the help of proper maintenance and care, you can easily get the chance to stop etching and discoloration, which might be the result of daily use.

Various forms of natural stones:

You might have recalled about the geology class from your high school where you learned that natural stone falls under three basic geological divisions. Those are sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous. When the matter involves cleaning, you have to be sure that whether the stone countertop or the bathroom tile is siliceous or calcareous. It will help you to determine the right kind of natural stone cleaning products to be used for covering the services well and in advance. Moreover, before you head towards the cleaning products, you need to be sure of the types and the chemicals infused together to create the solution. Avoid going for harsh chemically infused cleaners to avid natural stone degradation.

Some of the cleaning points to consider:

Based on the type of natural stone you are using for designing the floors, the cleaning supplies are subject to change. However, you can ask the manufacturing house for the right options as they are the brainchild behind creation of these cleaning products. However, there are some dos and don’ts associated with cleaning of the natural stone that you care to follow, just to ensure that the flooring tiles and stones are going to last for a long time.

Focus on the options over here:

At first, you can start off with the soft damp cloth or sponge and the dab pH neural soap on it. Most of the time, the dishwasher soaps are just fine. After that, you can avoid using the abrasive cleanser or the rough side of the sponge to strip away the sealant and damage the stone with time. You have worked a lot hard to get the money for the natural stone usability for the floors. So, you better not get rid of the situation that easily by using different scrubbers or cleaners for the same.

Some points to cater to:

For any of the soap scum or the crusted on food, you can always use brush with soft bristles for cleaning in circular gentle motions. It helps in preventing scratching of the surface area. Make sure to dry away the surface area with the soft towel or even blow dryer just after cleaning to avoid any kind of spotting. Make sure to avoid cleaning products which are not specifically formulated for cleaning natural stones. Be sure if you are using glass cleaner for wipe smudges on mirror over marble vanity top that none will get on the stone.

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