Romantic And Luxurious Bedroom Styling Trends To Try


Your bedroom should be your oasis from a world of chaos. We live in a time when our homes need to be our safest space, and what is our biggest haven in the house, if not the place where we lay our heads? If you haven’t had time to upgrade your bedroom in years, let 2022 be the year you finally make some improvements and invest in the place where you rest. After all, our environment can significantly affect our circadian rhythms and the quality of our sleep.

If you are purchasing a home, think of sprucing up your bedroom this year. Here are some romantic, luxurious, and comfortable styling and decorating trends to inspire you.

Natural light

This is perhaps a trend that will not go away anytime soon. Rooms drenched in sunlight appear bigger, more spacious, and evoke an atmosphere of serenity that a dark room cannot provide. Consider knocking down some walls to make room for a balcony or an outdoor living space, or just make some windows bigger. If you already have big windows, make sure it remains unobstructed. If you are sensitive to light, invest in some light-blocking curtains to protect your circadian rhythm as well.

Statement headboards

Since we’re slowly moving away from the hyper minimalist trends of the decade’s past and moving towards grand millennialism and cottagecore style, a statement headboard might be your best bet this year. Upholstered headboards, in particular, incorporate a level of warmth and comfort that wooden or steel headboards can’t. It will help make your bed feel even more like an enclosed cocoon you can escape to at the end of a long, hard day.

Greenery and nature

Connected to the natural light trend is the trend of celebrating our surroundings, greenery, and nature. There’s a reason why biophilic design has taken off so fast in the past few years: We as human beings are tired of looking at a blue screen all day, and we were wired to enjoy the Earth in its unbridled beauty. To hop on to this trend, find ways to connect the outdoors with your indoors, whether through floor-to-ceiling windows, glass sliding doors, or a skylight. Maximize the panoramic views and your surrounding terrain, especially if you live in an area with a stunning landscape.

Mixing vintage and contemporary

Because we are slowly moving away from overly themed interiors, the trends will continue to move towards mixing and matching seemingly opposing concepts and ideas. Case in point: Vintage and contemporary. Don’t be too quick to throw away your grandma’s vintage bedside table or cabinet—consider refurbishing them and painting colors that complement your bedroom well. As long as the pieces complement each other, there’s no reason why contrasting concepts have to look jarring and messy.

Moody and dark colors

If your bedroom is on the larger side, you can probably get away with trying out this 2022 bedroom trend. Now that we are walking away from all-white interiors, more homeowners are taking chances with a more unexpected color palette—specifically, moodier colors like dark teal, gray, and even black. With the right furniture pieces, hardware, and color choices for the other aspects of the bedroom, and when partnered with lighter colors, dark and moody shades need not bring the atmosphere of the bedroom down. It can even add to the relaxing and cocoon-like nature of the space.

Layers upon layers upon layers

If you truly want your bedroom to be the most comfortable it can be, make sure to add as many layers and plush textures as possible. In the same way that we bundle up with scarves and a warm sweater and coat during winter, our bedrooms would feel much more comfortable if you add stylish textures like area rugs, throws, pillows, and blankets. If you have the square footage, consider adding a seating area as well, especially if your kids love invading your bedroom from time to time.

Hidden storage

With the emphasis on quality over quantity, the trends for bedrooms will move towards clever hidden storage. This means adding space-saving tricks like under-the-bed storage areas and built-in cupboards. This will look best for children’s rooms, as well.

If there is one area in our home that deserves sprucing up, it’s the bedroom. It’s the place we are most vulnerable since it’s where we sleep and get intimate with our partners. Improve your entire well-being this year by upgrading your bedroom. You deserve it after the challenging past two years that we’ve all had.

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