Must Have List Of Level 2 Electrician Networks


Power supply interruptions can not only hinder a seemingly laidback afternoon for people inside a home, it can also result in massive losses suffered by places of business, and industrial plants. It can also lead to security threats at sensitive locations which can, in turn, lead to situations that are out of human control.

These are mere examples that state how society heavily relies on electricity.

So, who steps in when power supply infrastructure fails?

Well, teams consisting of level 2 electrician backed with all the necessary equipment and tools, they step in to take control of a situation.

Who is a level 2 electrician?

Such electricians have qualifications that are issued by the Department of Energy in NSW, Australia. They are capable of offering a lot of services to homeowners and business owners.

Here are some of them –

They can install electricity meters

The job of electric meters is simple – they measure how many units of electricity a home, a place of business or an industrial plant is consuming in a month. Based on the units consumed, the consumer will be billed by the company that supplies electricity to the same.

Now, installing or replacing electrical meters is a tricky business since the electrician will need to work while the main supply is still live.On top of this, only level 2 electricians are authorised by the Australian government to install or replace electrical meters at a home or a place of business.

They are the ones who work on overhead electricity supply cables

Level 2 electricians are called over long distances to sites where they would need to install overhead lines or mitigate electrical hazards surrounding the same.

Overhead power lines carry thousands of volts of electricity which needs expert care and skills to prevent mishaps such as electrical fires and even fatalities.

You read that right. Overhead power lines carry enough electricity to instantly kill people or animals. This is the reason why in case your home or place of business is located near overhead electrical lines that are malfunctioning then you need to hire level electricians and not the neighbourhood handyman who has some degree of experience working around power sockets!

They are responsible for electricity system extension and upgrade works

Whether your home or place of business needs its respective electrical systems to be extended or upgraded, instead of hiring a normal electrician, it is always a good idea to hire such electricians as they come packing tools, and backed by supporting staff that are needed for such jobs.

On top of this, the skills and professional techniques these electricians have are far more superior to a normal electrician.

Hiring such electricians for your home or place of business is the best step forward especially when you want the electrical system of your property to be reliable enough to handle power surges and efficient enough to help bring down the utility bills.

In short,these electricians are the ones that you need to hire to not only deal with dangerous electrical tasks but also when you want the electrical work done in your property to be professional, reliable and durable. Furthermore, work completed by level two electricians often come with guarantees and the replacement parts they install in your property will come with extended warranties. This should be convincing enough to make an informed decision.

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