Kitchen Countertops: Possible Materials


Once the cabinet doors have been chosen, the next step is to find the type of kitchen counter that will harmonize with them. In addition to being aesthetically attractive, your counter must also be functional and it is imperative to think of aspects such as maintenance, solidity, porosity and resistance when making your choice. Granite, quartz, Corian, wood, stainless steel, the choice is vast. Do not hesitate to find out more about the specific characteristics of each of these materials during your visit to one of our branches.


Offering great value for money, laminate is here to stay. Available in a variety of colors, it can for example be offered in a pattern imitating concrete, wood or even granite. In addition, this material offers good stain resistance and is easy to maintain. However, remember that a laminate countertop is difficult to repair in the event of major damage and that it is sensitive to heat and scratches. If you like to place your small hot dishes directly on your counter, this material is to be avoided.


Luxurious, granite is a natural stone available in a wide range of colors, but some variations in color should be expected from one plate to another. Very resistant, granite is a durable material, resistant to scratches and heat, but since it is porous, the application of a sealer will be required on a regular basis to avoid unwanted stains. A granite countertop must absolutely be installed by an experienced worker and the price of this material can also vary, depending on its source, its rarity, the choice of border, etc.


Composed of natural minerals mixed with resin, quartz is becoming more and more popular. Also available in several colors and having the main advantage of being antibacterial in addition to requiring no particular maintenance, quartz has several other characteristics. However, watch out for the very hot dishes you have just taken out of your oven! On the budgetary side, a quartz counter can be more expensive than a granite counter, in particular due to the brands and colors chosen.


Whether for classic or modern cuisine, the character of wood is incomparable. However, used for a counter, it is then necessary to move towards hard woods, like maple. Varnished, stained or oiled, wooden countertops near me are available in a variety of colors, essences and grains. Relatively easy to maintain, the wood can however be scratched and damaged, but the latter can be repaired using sandblasting, thus returning it to its original appearance.

The Corian

As hard as stone, corian is a mixture of natural minerals and plastic resin, such as polyester. Resistant to stains and shocks, but vulnerable to scratches, it can be repaired in the event of an accident. Available in a variety of colors, a Corian counter is however a high-end product and is expensive.

Stainless steel

For a resolutely modern look, stainless steel is a preferred choice. Ecological, because it is recyclable, it is also durable, hygienic and heat resistant, but sensitive to shocks and marks (watch out for fingerprints!) In addition to being expensive. To preserve the appearance of a stainless steel countertop , polishing will be required and it should always be washed in the grain direction.


Increasingly popular, concrete is heat resistant and very durable, but it can crack and is particularly heavy. In addition, as it is porous, the concrete counter must be treated every year with a sealer. Note: it can be dyed the color of your choice using pigments.


More economical than granite and other natural stones, ceramic offers a wide choice of colors and styles, in addition to being resistant to heat, scratches and humidity. To prevent staining on the grout, a sealer will be required. Also, be careful not to drop a heavy object on your ceramic countertop , as it could crack or chip.


Synonymous with prestige, marble is a natural stone of which there are several grades and colors and we must expect a certain variation of colors from one plate to another. As it is porous, it will be necessary to apply a sealer regularly to avoid stains. Offering an unusual finish, the marble countertop is the perfect choice for those looking for refinement and elegance.

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