Keep it Clean During Home Renovations


Home renovations can be messy. It is exciting to think that you are adding something new to your home, however, it can be frustrating to feel like you are living in a construction zone. It can help to contain the trash in a proper receptacle. A skip for rent can help keep your yard clean, while also taking care of disposal once it is full. Home renovation does not have to result in chaos.


When you are preparing for your renovation, be sure to call ahead secure your equipment hire. It can be delivered the same day that you begin the home repairs. A skip can be placed on your property in a convenient location to keep trash out of your way. Large items, such as old carpeting, wood, and sheet rock debris can easily fit into the large size containers. Check out an affordable skip hire company in Croydon.

  • Schedule ahead of time
  • Delivery and pickup included
  • Many sizes available


When you attempt to bag up large items or large amounts of construction debris, it may not fit in your normal garbage can. Your garbage service may not pick up large numbers of bags. Disposal options are limited when it comes to the mess from a renovation. It can take a lot of time to drive the trash several times a week to the disposal area on your own. This may also cost you a lot of money in fees. When you hire a skip, it is picked up with a truck and disposed of for you. This is convenient and cost-efficient.

When you need to plan for a renovation, make use of a reputable skip company. You can avoid a mess on your property and enjoy dependable disposal. Keep everything nice and neat with a skip.

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