How to Manage Master Closet Organization?


Everyone would like to have a part of our home full of new clothes that we can change every day but you rarely think about organizing it. It takes time and effort and most people don’t know how to do it efficiently. Most celebrities hire professionals to do it for them so it isn’t something unordinary to invest your time in.

Walk-in or master closet is much different than reach-in because it’s larger and it’s a place for every piece of clothing. You probably won’t put your shoes in reach-in because you need space for other items. Read more about it here:

Prepare Everything

The first step is to remove everything that is placed there, usually, it’s a lot of stuff because we forget what we have there but it’s a must in order to reorganize everything. Even when you are moving to a new place, you need to take out everything and assess what can be done with that space. There is a big chance you will have a lot of items that you don’t need and are ready for sale or donation.

If you are buying new clothes, you need to prepare them also but remember that when removing everything will take some space in the bedroom. Take pictures of the items you don’t want to wear anymore and send them to your friend that can possibly wear them or place pictures online for sale. If you think they are not worth that much, there are a lot of organizations that will gladly take them for those in need.

KonMari Method

Once you hire a professional to help you out you can ask them about a very popular method made by Marie Kondo from Japan which is also a professional organizer. It may sound silly but when you see the pile of clothes on the floor, touch each piece and ask yourself if you feel good wearing it. The type of feeling do you have when you are using it and how you look in them is important.

When it doesn’t spark joy and you connect it with something bad that happened when you were wearing it, prepare it for donation. You can use this method for every piece including shoes and cosmetics. If the closet isn’t just for you, ask them to do the same thing and discard anything that doesn’t bring joy.

This will take some time so remember to finish other important things you have for that day. For some, it takes a couple of days to do but that depends on how big the room is and how serious you are about your clothing. There’s a lot of information about the KonMari method online if you want to learn more.


When you are already making changes in your clothing style and throwing away old stuff, you should also renovate your closet so everything looks new. The design you have now might be outdated and you could make more space and efficiently organized wardrobe. Before you install shelves and rods you will need to measure everything and talk to a professional to figure out a design.

How it will look depends on your daily life and what you will wear on daily basis and if you need some special drawers for outdoor activities. Some people even use bins but you should use them only for accessories so you can know where they are placed right away. Also, make sure you have rods in different lengths. The shorter is used for shorts, skirts and the length is used for dresses and similar articles.

Organize By Levels

When you have everything that will be placed inside the closet you should first take the items that you use on a daily basis and put them in your head height. You will make changes during the year at this section depending on the season. Other items that you don’t use as much should be placed lower like sports equipment and travel accessories. Read more on this link.

The way you are going to set it up also depends on the design so make sure you renovate if you are making a bigger change in the organization. If you haven’t done it in a while, you will probably find a lot of stuff you forgot about and you will need to do some cleaning. There are many ideas online when it comes to renovating and it can be done much quicker than the rest of the house.

Keep Everything Compacted

The best way to keep everything compact is to buy clothes first and see how they will fit the first time. You would want to have some free space because you will probably go shopping throughout the year. Making a pile of clothes is a very bad habit most people have so when you know where everything is placed you won’t have any problems figuring out what to wear. Most people will spend more time looking for outfits instead of trying them on.

Another thing to mention is that we usually buy more than we need and we forget about most of the things we have. Every time you reorganize your wardrobe you will end up throwing a lot of stuff so try to buy less. You will rarely need more than 14 dresses unless your job requires anything else. This usually happens when we have more time on our hands and just go to the mall to see what’s new.

Reorganize Once a Year

The last thing to mention is that you won’t do this method once and that’s it, you will need to reorganize at least once a year. This is mostly because we end up getting more than we need and our outfit gets boring after a while. You will change a lot during a couple of years and you can reserve one month to figure out what will your style be in the future. It can be very fun to experiment so try new things but keep them neat.

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