How to Design a Small Bedroom: The Basics Explained


Does your small bedroom feel cluttered? No matter how you adjust things to organize and optimize space, things still feel all crammed together.

We get it.

Small bedrooms make for difficult interior design challenges. There’s hope, though. We’re going to take a look at how to design a small bedroom today, giving you some insight into ways that you use the space in the best way possible.

Let’s get started with your bedroom design.

Beginner’s Guide: How to Design a Small Bedroom

The first thing to knock out of the equation is the issue of storage. Many of us lose space in our apartments and small homes because we don’t store things efficiently.

Go through your things and see what you need. Move on and look through things to see if you want them. When you get to the pile of things that you still want but don’t need in your apartment, consider investing in some personal storage.

The rest should go to a secondhand store or into the trash if it’s unusable. Get that stuff out of there if you don’t need it and you’ll have a lot more space:

Create Space With Features

You can make your tiny room feel like a big one if you manage your space well. Invest in a mirror or two. This creates a significant illusion of space.

You should also avoid buying a bed that sits too high off of the ground. The higher the bed, the more space that it occupies. The bed is often the largest piece that you hold in your bedroom, so you want to find ways to diminish the space that it occupies.

Another good way to create the illusion of space is to paint a single accent wall. Instead of all four walls being the same color, paint one wall in a way that contrasts the rest. This produces a statement and allows the rest of the features in the room to express themselves.

The accent wall is also a distraction from the size of the room. Even though you know that the room is small, your conscious mind gets occupied by the color palette and the size of the room is no longer the focus.

Multipurpose Furniture

Another important piece of the “small bedroom ideas” discussion is minimalism. Reduce the number of pieces you use in your bedroom.

A huge dresser might be substituted for a hanging rack that takes up less space. Your old bed might get switched out for a wallbed. Take a look at Wilding Wallbeds for some ideas.

There’s no need to stuff a million things into your bedroom if you don’t have to. Start at zero and add pieces as you see fit instead of cramming everything into your room and working backward.

Are You Designing a Bedroom?

Figuring out how to design a small bedroom is always a difficult task, but we hope that the ideas above helped in some way. There are thousands of different options for designing a bedroom. We’re here to help you work through more ideas.

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