How to Build an Extension on your Home


Most families reach a point where they need more living space, and extending is a better option that upgrading, especially if you like the neighbourhood. Constructing an extension isn’t a major project for an established builder, and by keeping in line with the property, the extension will look like it belongs, and if you are planning to extend in the coming year, here is a short guide to help you get started.


If you can find a retired architect, he would probably be happy to help you with the design. Failing that, there are builders in Harrogate who can design and build to your specifications, and with a firm budget in mind, you can negotiate a fair price. The blueprints will allow the builder to work his magic, and depending on the size, it should be finished in a week or two, yet prior to any building, the plans must be approved by the local council.

Think Insulation

While you obviously want an extension that is visually appealing, insulation is very important, and if you

  • Already have double glazed windows, matching won’t be an issue.
  • If you are planning to replace the windows in the near future, it is wise to start with the extension for obvious reasons.

Your Budget

This is the first thing the builder wants to know, as it gives him an idea of the scope of the project, and if your budget is a little on the low side, taking out a home improvement loan is preferable to skimping on materials.

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