Home Improvement Hacks: Maximizing Workouts in Small Spaces


The pandemic made people spend most of their time at home. What used to be a living space for eating, sleeping, and bonding with the family also became their study area, workplace, leisure spot, etc. Since staying healthy and active is crucial in the middle of a crisis, some people try to use their home as their place for workouts. But then, many homeowners find it hard to exercise at home with their limited living space.

Home gyms became a big hit after the pandemic erupted. But then, not everyone can afford a home gym construction. Not all can accommodate a gym at home because of their limited space.

So, what some homeowners did was to hack their way into maximizing what little space they had to add a home gym. You, too, can do the same with a bit of creativity when improving your home. Here’s what you can do to start maximizing your small space and include a place for workouts.

Choose Your Ideal Workout

Not all people are into weight lifting, cycling, and walking or running. You may want to start working out more often for your health’s sake. But there is no reason to invest in expensive home equipment if you are not using them.

So, before you create a home gym, think about your ideal workout. Yoga can be an excellent workout for those with limited space. You don’t need much space for as long as you can do stretching and breathing exercise.

Even if you are into weight lifting, you can recreate a home gym space without spending too much. The key is to focus on your workout essentials. If you must buy some gym equipment, consider the amount of space you can utilize first.

Start by Choosing a Room

Some people managed to create a home gym out of their small space by turning one part of their house to double as a home gym. Think of your living, guest room, garage, home office, or even that space between your yard and house. This can be a perfect choice if you can’t create an additional room to turn into a dedicated home gym.

The key is to organize your stuff wisely so you can have enough space to accommodate your gym equipment, exercise safely, and still use the room for its original purpose after each workout. Consider vertical shelving for your gym equipment and a hanging organizer for your other gym materials. Make sure to practice good housekeeping after every workout session to ensure you won’t trip or fall because you forget to put away your dumbbells or jumping rope.

Don’t forget about your home’s air quality. Good air quality is crucial when working out to facilitate your body’s need for more oxygen. Invest in indoor plants, control humidity, have your air ducts cleaned, change air conditioning filters often, and allow adequate ventilation where you exercise.

Invest in Mirrors

One thing that motivates gym junkies into working hard is the countless mirrors in gyms. They love looking at themselves in the mirror to watch their progress and see how their bodies change. This also helps them check if they are doing their routines right.

Investing in room mirrors will also make you more conscious of your posture and form while working out. This will also inspire you to look good and wear your gym clothes for extra effect. Another reason to invest in mirrors in your home gym is to create the illusion of a much bigger space than you have.

Mirrors can magically transform any room by making the space look bigger. Make sure to invest in full-length mirrors for greater effect. This will help provide more illumination while amplifying your home’s lighting.

Consider an Outdoor Gym

Exercising outdoors has so many benefits. Outdoor exercises are usually more engaging and less strenuous. They can enable you to enjoy nature and allow you to create a variation in your workout. Even if you want to jump after taking yoga classes yesterday, you can easily do so because you won’t worry about tripping on a rug or hitting your lights.

If you are not fond of an indoor gym, it is time to utilize your outdoor living space. Even if all you have is a small balcony or a tiny backyard, there are ways you can make things work and recreate a tiny home gym outdoors. Stick to the basics and be ready to face the cons that come with outdoor gyms.

Having a small space should not stop you from exercising daily. With a bit of imagination, you can recreate an area that can double as your home gym. Commit to healthy living and an active lifestyle to better protect yourself and your family under the new normal.

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