Garden Maintenance Services for Busy Homeowners


Many UK homeowners are career minded people who simply don’t have the time for cutting the grass and keeping the garden tidy, while others are semi-retired and don’t have the energy for gardening, but whatever the reason, there are garden maintenance companies that will add your property to their list of regular visits.

Range of Services

Aside from landscape design in Leeds, the garden maintenance company would offer the following services:

  • Mowing the Lawn – Removing the grass cuttings.
  • Pruning the Trees and Shrubs – Annually.
  • Tending to the Flower Beds – Weeding and cleaning up.
  • Hedge Trimming

Tailored to Suit

Some homeowners prefer to have the garden maintained once a month, while other would rather see their outdoor living area to be tended on a weekly, or bi-weekly basis. It depends on you and they are only a phone call away of you are entertaining and would like a tidy up. If you would like a quote to maintain your garden, a Google search will bring up a list of local garden specialists and you can ask several to quote for the job.

The Winter

At the end of the autumn, you can ask the contractor to make one final visit before the winter arrives, then at the end of March, you can begin with a new schedule for the coming spring and summer. Most landscaping contractors also take on garden maintenance, and they can easily be located with an online search.

If you have no time, that doesn’t mean your garden has to suffer, and with regular visits, your outoor living space will always be neat and tidy.

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