Enjoy the Numerous Benefits of Automated Roller Shutters


Your home must endure the sometimes savage Australian climate, and with your windows being perhaps the most vulnerable points in the building, an external screening will give you more than just additional security, as it also offers thermal and sound insulation. Extruded marine grade aluminium provides a durable surface that is more than a match for the salty coastal air, and with bespoke creations, you can be sure of a perfect fit.

Aesthetic Appeal

Admittedly, the earlier versions of external roller shutters were designed with security in mind, and were rather bulky, yet modern solutions come in a range of both styles and colours, and will certainly add something positive to the external appearance. The beauty of made to measure units is you can design something that is specific to the property. If you are thinking of having roller shutters in Sydney, there is an excellent company that has experience in both commercial and domestic environments, and with their expertise, choosing the right combination will be easy.

High Security

Perhaps the most obvious benefit from roller shutters is an impenetrable barrier, which is a big deterrent for any burglar, and whenever you go away on holiday, you can rest assured that the home is secure. The locking mechanism is such that any intruder would simply walk away, after all, there are many properties unprotected.

Choice of Power Options

If you are old enough to remember the early roller shutters, you will recall the loud squeaking that usually accompanies the opening or closing, and this can be a tiring thing with a manual system. Modern units incorporate electric motors, and you can even have a solar powered unit, which is really eco-friendly. Using a remote control gives you fingertip control, and as the sun moves across the sky, you will always have the right amount of shading.

Matching Door Shutters

The doors and garage doors can also be included, giving your home a balanced look, and with all the entry points covered, your home is impregnable. From an aesthetic point of view, matching the doors and window shutters does give you an element of uniformity, and you could even have two shades of a single colour, which would add a unique touch.

Solar Protection

We all like to have large expanses of glass at home, as it allows the light to penetrate, yet too much direct sunlight can seriously damage carpets and furniture, and with automated roller shutters, you can instantly screen the interior at any time.

Thermal Insulation

Aluminium reflects a majority of the heat, and this means if all your shutters are closed, the interior will be slightly cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. This means using less energy, and in these eco-friendly times, that has to be a good thing.

The wide range of styles, sizes, and designs allows for the homeowner to add some style and elegance to the home, while also protecting it from intruders and storm damage, and it isn’t as expensive as you might think.

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