Design Trends to Inspire You to Work on Your Dream Home


If you find yourself procrastinating these days, think of your long-term goals and dreams. Nothing can give us a push quite like envisioning the future we want for ourselves, whether it’s traveling the world or sitting in a luxurious house. 

If you need some inspiration to work hard for your dream home and to finally apply for that loan from the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), here are some stunning home design trends that might boost your level of motivation.

Dreamy kitchen

While a regular homeowner does not need a kitchen to rival those of Michelin star-awarded chefs, a dreamy kitchen that can allow home chefs to cook pretty much anything will be on-trend moving forward. Here are some kitchen styles and innovations that might make waves in the coming years:

  • A muted green kitchen is already on trend and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future. There’s a reason actress Dakota Johnson’s kitchen went viral when its photos were first released: There’s something about the shade of green she chose that just calms the eyes and but still provides interest and drama to the space. In a world filled with dated white or neutral kitchens, let yours stand out by opting for a muted moss green as the main color, making up at least 60 percent of the entire kitchen. 
  • A glazed tile backlash might also be making a comeback, but it would have to be in a color that works well with the textures and shades you choose for the rest of the space. A tile backsplash is easier to clean and it provides texture in ways that regular paint or a wallpaper never could.
  • Glass partitions might also be all the rage in the coming years, after years of breaking down every wall between the kitchen and the main common areas. While an open space floor plan will continue to be one of the marks of a more modern home, there’s something about being able to escape the noise of the communal areas while you cook.
  • Layered lighting will also be another trend that will continue to stick around for a while, especially since kitchens need work lighting. Imaging statement pendants or chandeliers over your kitchen island and dining table and how they can define the specific areas within the room and add interest and character to your kitchen and dining area.
  • A single open shelf might also become a trend as time goes on, especially after the onslaught of visual overload styles we’ve seen in kitchens in the past few years. 

Mixing modern and vintage

When it comes to furniture pieces and other decorative elements, the trend will start moving away from just modern and just vintage, and a combination of the two will emerge to give homeowners a space that will express who they are. There will be a celebration of the eclectic, especially with styles like grandmillennial and cottagecore making waves since last year. But instead of these different aesthetics making a disparate or confusing look, they will come together through a similar color scheme, material, or pattern—various styles coming together through at least one common attribute.

Industrial styling

And since mixing modern and antique style elements will be the trend of the future, industrial styling might also take center stage because it’s the ultimate mix of traditional and modern designs. High ceilings, exposed stonework, metal and wood elements, and neutral color palettes are the markers of this style, and it can also be a more laidback approach to styling a home—perfect for pandemic homeowners who are forced to spend more time at home for the next year or two.

Embracing natural elements

Since homeowners are spending more time indoors than ever before, home design trends will continue to lean towards more natural materials like wood, stone, and others. Wicker and rattan furniture, which is reminiscent of lounging by the beach, will be in demand because the materials from which they are made incorporate so much lightness and warmth into home decor. And since rattan furniture is usually made out of woven stems and twigs, they are warm, lightweight, and versatile enough to look good both indoors and outdoors.

If the pandemic has derailed your home-purchasing plans, now is the time to start dreaming and working again. Residential real estate is always a sound investment, but you would also benefit from consulting with a reputable real estate agent so you know exactly what you’re signing up for. Good luck and may you find the home of your dreams soon!

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