Choosing the Best Deck Material for Your Outdoor Space


Are you constantly dreaming about your ideal backyard? Whether you want a space for perfect hosting parties or want a quiet, relaxing area, a deck is an excellent addition to any house.

However, building a deck isn’t as simple as hiring a builder. Not only will you need to pick your deck material, but you’ll also need to know what material will best suit your needs.

If you’re ready to transform your yard but unsure about what type of material is best for your deck, keep reading to learn more about your decking options.

Wood and Lumber

One of the most versatile and varied materials, lumber is a popular option for many backyards. Common types of lumber for decks include cedar, teakwood, and pressure-treated wood, among others.

Lumber provides a beautiful and natural aesthetic. The look of wood decking is perfect for natural, rustic homeowners. Lumber also tends to be insect-proof, making it ideal for summer days.

Wood and lumber decks also require a bit of upkeep. Continued staining and potential rot can be a hassle for homeowners. Pressure-treated lumber is cheaper than natural lumber but can be easily warped by weather and age.

Composite Decking

Composite deck material is made from a mix of wood and plastic. This material is an excellent option for homeowners, as composite decking is available in various colors and finishes, and there’s no risk of water damage.

Trex decking, a brand of wood-plastic composite, is a great option for environmentally-friendly homeowners. Trex looks like real wood without the deforestation that results from purchasing lumber.

While Trex material is not as cheap as lumber, the low maintenance is worth the price. You won’t feel guilty while relaxing or hosting friends on the deck as this material is 95 percent recycled.


Unconventional but functional and attractive, pavers are a great alternative to traditional decking materials. Many don’t consider pavers as an option, making this a unique choice.

Unlike wood, pavers won’t crack or rot out, ensuring they look nice for a long time. They are highly durable. Pavers also stay cool under direct sunlight, keeping you cool in the summer.

However, pavers do have their cons. The color of the pavers fades quickly, and proper installation is also crucial. Improper installation can cause massive headaches and stress down the line, so hiring a competent builder is essential.

Picking Your Perfect Deck Material

There are plenty of options to choose from when building or renovating your outdoor deck. Each type of material has pros and cons that should be thought over.

It’s essential to carefully consider the different types of deck material before you begin planning. Be sure to weigh the cost and upkeep of all the different materials before making your decision.

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