A Guide to Patio Design


If you are far from happy with the way your outdoor living space looks and would like to add a main feature like a patio, this article was written for you. Of course, a lot depends on the available space, but you should allocate at least 10x 15 metres for your patio, and more if you have the space, and with that in mind, here are a few tips to help you design and create the perfect relaxation platform.

  • Choosing the Best Material – You are definitely spoilt for choice when looking at patio materials, and with affordable patio slabs in Harlow, you can have a stunning yet functional terrace that will stand the test of time. Block paving is another popular choice, as is poured concrete, which comes in a wide range of attractive colours.
  • The Foundation – If you want a patio that will last for many years, you really do need a solid foundation, with around 6 inches of hardcore, which should be compounded, then a couple of inches of sand would be ideal.
  • Slightly Sloping – The patio should be slightly sloping away from the house, which allows excess rainwater to drain away, plus the patio needs to be flat with no undulations, as water will accumulate. You can achieve the slope by using a spirit level and it doesn’t have to be a pronounced slope, just enough to drain excess rainwater.

If you would like to explore the potential that a new patio could bring, talk to an established surfacing company who would have all the answers.

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