8 Common Types of Fountains for Your Home and Garden


The average American will spend almost $10,000 on home improvements every year. That large number likely went up in 2020 given that a lot of people stuck in place chose to spend their extra time making their houses shine.

If you’re still in home improvement mode in 2021 and are looking for something special to add to your property that’s cost-effective and can have an immediate visual impact, we implore you to explore fountains.

There are several types of fountains that can adorn any area of a house with newfound wonder! If you’re curious to learn more about the fountain types that exist on the market so you can feel confident when buying a fountain, keep reading to discover your options.

  1. Indoor Fountains

Chances are, your first thought when buying different types of fountains was placing them outside. While fountains look incredible in yards, we’re here to tell you that some also look fantastic in your home.

Enter the indoor fountain.

Indoor fountains are low-flow fountains that are quiet and have minimal splash. These fountains are also quaintly styled and tend to be produced in muted colors so as not to look too gaudy in relation to the rest of your furniture.

  1. Wall Fountains

If you’ve ever taken a stroll through a garden area in Rome, you likely noticed several stone fountains fasted to walls that have beautiful backgrounds and a single bowl to catch water that cascades down their built-in waterfalls.

These fountains are wall fountains. They’re timeless, look outstanding, and can be found at just about any garden store.

The trick with wall fountains is their weight so you’ll need to make sure that its support structure is strong enough that when fastened in, you don’t have to worry about it falling.

  1. Garden Fountains

Garden fountain is a word that’s used in types of fountains discussions liberally (check it out, the term can describe just about anything).

Still, for this post, when we describe garden fountains, we’re describing highly stylized fountains, usually adorned with bright colors, and even featuring the occasional character (gnomes, ceramic dogs, etc.).

These decorative fountains that can be placed in garden areas tend to be on the smaller side and are very affordable.

  1. Tiered Fountains

If you have a little more money to spend and are a fan of watching water cascade in interesting patterns (we know we are) have a look at tiered fountains.

Tiered fountains come in a variety of sizes, the larger of which will always be more expensive. The defining characteristic of tiered fountains is that they sport at least three levels.

Water pours down from the top tier, pools in the following tier, and then works its way down to each subsequent tier until it gets sucked back up and spit back from the top again.

  1. Japan-Style Fountains

Japan has made its mark on the fountain game given its unique approach to style. When you look at your standard Japan-style fountain, you’ll see that it’s small and decorated in a way that celebrates nature, featuring lots of green, wood tones, and oftentimes bamboo.

Japan-style fountains look great in gardens and also work well as indoor fountains in meditation/relaxation rooms.

  1. Bird Fountains

No types of fountains discussion would be complete without giving a shout out to the classic bird fountain.

Bird fountains have one or two circular bowls stacked on top of one another. Then, in the middle, these fountains have a spout that spits water up vertically, filling the bowls below.

These fountains belong exclusively in yard areas and will attract birds that are looking to bathe and drink.

  1. Spitting Fountains

Spitting fountains have become so popular, particularly in Italian circles, that they deserve a whole fountain type mention of their own.

As their name suggests, spitting fountains are any type of fountain that’s styled in a way where a character is spitting water into a bowl. Usually, we see fish spitting but there are also ample fountains where children or cherubs have water pouring from their mouths.

Spitting fountains are conversation pieces that can stoke interest if not outright laughter.

  1. Pool Fountains

For those of you that are lucky enough to have a built-in swimming pool, you might consider adding an aura of sheik to it by installing a pool fountain. Pool fountains can be built into your pool at its edges or even in the middle to shoot water into the air and shower your swim area.

This not only creates a visual focal point for your pool but also adds a layer of fun since fountains can serve as a great place to swim around for splashing purposes.

There are several styles of pool fountains that will affect the price and difficulty of installation. A pool installation professional should be able to walk you through what options exist within your budget.

There Are Types of Fountains to Match Every Kind of Person

You fountain lovers out there have no good reason to not get a fountain installed somewhere in or around your house. After all, the types of fountains available to you are limitless and can accommodate every taste and every budget.

What are you waiting for? Hop online or head to a local garden store to pick out your home’s next masterpiece. No matter where you shop, there should be a helpful associate available that can opine on what might serve as the perfect starter fountain for your needs.

For more insight on home improvement and real estate, we welcome you to explore more of the newest content we have up on our blog!

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