7 Beautiful Benefits of Moroccan Rugs


There are many eye-catching ways to bring a new dimension to your home. But few interior design additions offer as many benefits as a handmade Moroccan rug.

Rugs from Morocco are an art form, with generations of love and life woven into each and every fiber, offering a far more unique edge to your home than any number of mass-produced accessories. It’s no wonder, then, that more and more people are waking up to the appeal of Moroccan rugs and the stories they can help you tell about yourself and your home.

Thinking of updating your space with woven rugs? Keep reading to learn why any new rug for a home should be a Moroccan one.

  1. One of a Kind Appeal

The way you decorate your home is an extension of you and your tastes and preferences. This means that choosing unique items that speak to you on a personal level should be at the foundation of all your interior design selections.

And if there’s one thing that vintage California Berber rugs have going for them, it’s the fact that no two are alike. Each rug weaver hails from a different part of Morocco, where their tribe, the weather, and other factors influence everything from the arrangement of colors and patterns to the length of the pile.

Each of these hand-woven rugs shares the unique experiences of a particular tribe, telling a story of their hardships and hopes as they protected themselves against the elements. And you can allow that story to continue by finding a place for such a special piece within your home.

  1. Timeless Style

Woven rugs from Morocco might be a relatively new trend in the Western world. But in Morocco, these rugs have been around for centuries, with many families passing down rugs to younger generations to enjoy and care for.

The fact that these rugs continue to be just as popular – if not more so – as they were centuries ago shows how timeless the classic, beautiful yet imperfect style of Moroccan rugs will be around for many years to come. Plus, Moroccan rugs become more valuable over time, meaning that a new rug for a home is set to be a future vintage treasure.

  1. Sustainable

Caring for vintage rugs and keeping them in your family for generations isn’t the only way that an authentic Moroccan carpet is more sustainable than most other rug choices today.

Moroccan rug makers use wool and sustainable, natural dyes to create patterns. Offcuts of Berber flocks are often worked into the weave, with the imperfect design making it easy to hide tonal differences and weaving changes.

As such, the materials, process, and enduring popularity of Moroccan woven rugs all ensure that they’re less harmful to the environment than rugs made from synthetic fibers that often end up discard in landfills after a few years.

  1. Versatile

Another amazing benefit of Moroccan woven rugs is how versatile they can be. You can use them on the floor of more or less any room in your home, meaning that they can add an instant update to bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, or just about anywhere else.

Their thick pile also makes woven rugs ideal for sitting on in casual seating areas. Here, you can enjoy traditional Moroccan mint tea and pastries at a low table for an authentic Moroccan carpet set-up in your home.

But, a Moroccan rug can be so much more than a rug if you want it to be. Many people use Moroccan rugs as wall tapestries too, wanting to show off their intricate designs and unique appeal. This tends to work better with

  1. Complement a Range of Interior Styles

Rugs from Morocco are also versatile in the way that they work well with many different interior design styles. Woven rugs add some much-needed texture to a minimal or contemporary home. Their geometric patterns and cozy feel fit in with Scandi style design and its Hygge principles. And if you’re a fan of transitional interiors, Berber-style rugs are neutral enough to ground more adventurous pieces, yet unique enough to act as a talking point.

The typical monochrome color scheme of a Moroccan rug also helps it combine well with any color schemes, while the pattern is subtle enough to work as an excellent option for layering rugs. You could either layer your Moroccan rug over a plain sisal or jute rug for a cozy, natural look, or you could opt for a clashing yet complementary Kashan rug.

  1. Durable

Thanks to their function as a form of protection against the elements in harsh mountain climates and cool Sahara nights, Moroccan rugs are very durable. The tightness and precision of the weave and the care that goes into every rug mean that they last a long time, with a resilient composition that’s as enduring as their stylistic appeal.

The use of sustainable dyes and strong Berber wool also means that sun exposure, dirt, and constant footfall don’t affect rugs from Morocco in the same way that these factors affect modern synthetic rugs. Unlike modern rugs, rugs from Morocco don’t lose their quality and color over time. This durability makes them perfect for family homes, or even in hallways where their quality will shine through every day.

  1. Add Warmth and Comfort

As well as adding interest and texture to a room, a Moroccan rug also adds a lot of warmth and comfort. Since woven rugs were designed to keep people warm during the harsh mountain winters, their high pile designs are great for insulating your home.

The extra warmth and comfort of a Moroccan rug in your bedroom will make it easier to get out of bed on a cold morning, or to walk around without shoes on at home. You might even see a reduction in your heating bills thanks to the coziness of an authentic Moroccan carpet.

Beautiful Benefits of Moroccan Rugs

As this list shows, Moroccan rugs are as original and stylish as they are versatile and durable.

And, thanks to this unique combination of benefits, it’s easy to see why adding rugs from Morocco can bring new life to your home.

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