5 Garage Upgrades You Need to Consider


The garage is often neglected, treated as a separate and dangling piece of the house. Not a lot of people invest time, energy, and money into renovating or garage projects because of this sentiment.

But the garage can be a place to escape, work, or entertain guests. It’s the most versatile place in the house. Here are 5 garage upgrades that take that neglected portion of your home to the next level.

  1. Transform It Into an Office Space

With the current trend of working from home, there are a lot of misplaced office workers. You might have not thought so fondly of the confines of your cubicle before the quarantine, but now you probably long for the solitude.

A lot of the time, garages aren’t inhabited. The only thing using up space is discarded junk and the ’65 Camaro you swear you’ll fix-up.

Make it into a nice space with an office desk, your equipment, and an area dedicated to work. You can turn your garage into something a lot better than your square at work.

  1. Replace the Flooring With Easy-to-Clean Epoxy

If you’re a handyman, you’ll probably be in the garage a lot working on something or another. Particularly things that can spill and stain flooring.

All garages should have easy-to-clean epoxy flooring. Accidents are unavoidable in this environment; pave your garage with something that won’t stain.

  1. A Separate Door for Garage Upgrades

Adding new entrances and exits to your garage space can make it feel less like a cell and more like an extension of the house. Start by fixing your old garage door with the help of garageharmony.com. Then, get some side-doors for ease-of-access.

If you can spring for some structural renovations, add a few windows. A little natural light can fix the garage in so many ways.

  1. Renovate It Into a Bar or Lounge

Most garages are spacious. They’re typically about the size of an inlaw’s suite, which includes room for a bathroom, living room, and a kitchenette.

If you have the space for it, put in a bar — stocked, of course — and a comfy couch. Your house will be the center of entertainment to have friends and company over.

  1. Add Some Table Games or Darts

The garage can also be a place for fun and games. For everyone that wants a ping pong table as a kid, the garage is the perfect place for one.

Some games need a lot of room to be fun, like billiards or darts. Having a game room can be the perfect escape from a stressful day.

New Garage, New Home

The garage isn’t the first place people think of renovating. And in most homes, it’s usually never upgraded. But these few garage upgrades can make your house more fun, fit for work, and entertaining to others.

Try turning your space into an office. Add doors, windows, and proper flooring. The garage is a perfect place to entertain guests with drinks and games.

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