5 Amazing Things About Living in Orlando (and Why You Should Move)


Orlando. It is home to the “happiest place on earth” among other things.

The city has a lot to offer and was the top US travel destination in 2018 with 75 million visitors.

A lot of people that visit this area end up going back to their own homes and wishing they lived close to the magic. Well, what if you were to find out that was realistic?

Here are five of the biggest perks to living in Orlando.

1. No State Income Tax

That’s right, you do not have to pay any state income tax if you move to Orlando because it is in the state of Florida. The state is one of nine in the country where you do not have to pay any income tax on the state level.

Considering some of you may be reading this from not only a high state income tax state but also possibly from a city that has its own local income tax, you can be saving a lot of taxes by living in Orlando.

2. Theme Park Capital

To anyone that loves theme parks, you already know the Orlando is the place to be in the theme park community.

Let’s start with the most famous of all with Walt Disney World, the most popular theme park in the world. It is the place that some families go to once in a lifetime, and if you live in Orlando, it would be right next door to you.

However, Orlando is not just Disney when it comes to theme parks. It has Universal Studios, which is arguably the second most popular theme park in the world, and then has other fantastic parks like SeaWorld and Fun Spot, plus Busch Gardens Tampa Bay about 90 minutes down the road.

3. Good Weather

When it comes to the weather, Orlando is very cooperative. Florida is known as a more tropical state and one that never really gets cold the entire year.

This is why the term “snowbird” is developed for northerners that spend their winters down here. On top of warm weather, you do not have to worry as much about hurricanes in Orlando compared to other parts of Florida because the city is more inland rather than on the coast like Miami.

The weather alone makes people want to live in Orlando, and you can look for a house there without freezing with resources like Wemertgrouprealty.com.

4. Good Nature

Orlando gives you access to a lot of nearby nature. While the city is not directly on the beach, it is within an hour of several beaches with positive reviews.

On top of that, Florida is a state where you can do some kayaking and explore the swamps, which living in Orlando will give you accessibility to.

5. Good to Retire

Finally, you may be a bit on the older side reading this or you are considering moving but do not want to leave parents or other older relatives behind. Well, Orlando can be a great option for you in this situation.

Florida is ranked second in the country for best states to retire. So, you or a loved one can certainly enjoy your last chapter in the Sunshine State.

Consider Living in Orlando

Throughout this article, you were probably asking yourself, should I move to Florida? Well, these are five of the best reasons to consider living in Orlando and some things to do in Orlando as well.

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