4 Reasons to Get Professional Pest Control in Northern Virginia


The global pest control industry is worth a whopping 20 billion dollars with room to grow over the next 5 years. Why are consumers so in love with pest control? Because they’re so not in love with pests.

If you live in northern Virginia, you know that truth all too well, particularly as the summer rolls around.

If you’re anticipating big bug problems in the coming months or if you’re already facing them, investing in pest control in Northern Virginia rather than going the DIY route is a smart move. Why?

Keep reading to discover the answer to that question!

  1. Saving You Opportunity Costs

It can be marginally cheaper to go about pest control in a DIY capacity rather than putting in a call to pest control in northern Virginia pros. Think about the amount of time you’ll spend undertaking your DIY project though.

You’ve got to do research. You have to buy supplies. You have to do the labor.

All of that work can easily cost you over a weekend with no guarantee that your efforts will solve your problem. If your time is worth as much as we suspect it is, ditch DIY and call in help.

  1. Getting the Job Done Right

Many people who go the DIY route when it comes to pest prevention don’t enjoy the fruits of their labor. That’s because there’s a lot of gray areas in the world of managing pests.

Are those hills in your yard ant hills or are they harboring other insects? What kind of ants are they?

Does the hill you’re looking at have an active colony or are the pests you’re seeing in your home feeding in from elsewhere?

Those questions create trial and error which will cost you money and time. A pro can assess your situation quickly, get a treatment plan in place, and get the job done right away.

  1. Dealing With Chemicals

Managing some of the chemicals you’ll come across when dealing with insect populations can be downright dangerous.

That’s why many people forgo the risk and work with pros. Some even request that professionals use green pest services to make sure no harmful sprays are used on their property.

Bottom line, when you work with a pro, you have an additional layer of safety and options when it comes to how your land will be treated.

  1. Pet Safety

Do you know for a fact that the DIY pest treatment you’re about to apply is safe for your cat or dog? You’d better, otherwise, amateur treatment of your land could lead to catastrophe.

Commercial pest control specialists are well versed in the world of leveraging treatments that are pet-safe giving you (and your furry friends) peace of mind.

Pest Control in Northern Virginia Is Affordable and Available

We’ve shared a handful of reasons why hiring pest control in northern Virginia makes sense. As a bonus, know that hiring professional pest services is almost certainly more affordable than you think it is.

The best way to find out for sure what costs you may be staring down is to get a low-cost/free consult today.

We wish you the best of luck conquering your pest problems and welcome you to read more content on our blog for additional guidance.

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